Age Management

Anti-aging Medicine

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we offer comprehensive anti-aging and wellness services. While aging is inevitable, you no longer have to accept the many signs and symptoms that are related to aging. Current medical advances and technology can help you to stay more energetic and youthful appearing for a longer period of time. Anti-aging medicine can help you to age at a slower rate and more gracefully.

Experience Ocean Drive’s comprehensive approach to age management. Our wellness patients benefit from a combination of hormone replacement therapy, weight management, nutrition, exercise, and medical aesthetics.  Quality of life and disease prevention are the hallmarks of our anti-aging  and wellness services. We offer individual appointments as well as annual anti-aging and wellness programs. Ocean Drive’s anti-aging plans include patient evaluations through an extensive medical history, lifestyle assessment, physical examination and laboratory evaluation to establish personalized proactive treatment plans consisting of proper diet, exercise, stress management, and appropriate medical interventions.

Age Management Services

If you are regularly experiencing fatigue, high stress, low sex drive, and uncontrollable weight gain, these may be signs of hormonal imbalances. At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and Medspa in Vero Beach, Florida,  we offer the Hormonal Replacement and other wellness services which provides you with in-depth health assessments and personalized treatment plans so that you can start feeling your best.

Dr. Carstensen develops personalized treatment plans to help you achieve balanced hormones, more restful sleep, optimal nutrient intake, improved metabolism, increased energy, enhance sex drive, and healthy looking skin.

  • Bioidentical Hormones
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Vitamin and Nutrition Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Health Checkups
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Stress Management
  • Disease Prevention

Dr. Terry Carstensen, Anti-Aging Specialist

Dr. Terry Carstensen, D. O., is a  doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, is a Board Certified physician, and the Medical Director of Anti-Aging Medicine at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery & MedSpa. Health promotion and disease prevention are the cornerstones of Dr. Carstensen’s philosophy of care. Dr. Carstensen specializes in anti-aging medicine including hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, diabetes management, and nutrition. With 15+ years of experience in managing comprehensive patient care, Dr. Carstensen is a leading authority on preventative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Dr. Carstensen will create treatment options customized to fit your lifestyle and health goals. Ocean Drive’s anti-aging and wellness programs provides you with a complete health assessment and state of the art diagnostics to help identify potential problems and their causes.

Dr. Carstensen believes in helping each person achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention. Dr. Carstensen provides a holistic approach to patient care and integrates each person into the health care program as a partner in their care.

Dr. Terry Carstensen

Dr. Terry Carstensen

Dr. Terry Carstensen specializes in bioidentical hormones, nutrition therapy, cardiovascular health, weight loss and weight management.

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Health Benefits

Dr. Carstensen develops personalized treatment plans to achieve to help you achieve balance hormones, more restful sleep, optimal nutrient intake, improved metabolism, increased energy, enhance sex drive, and healthy looking skin.

What Can you Expect?

Balanced Hormones

More Restful Sleep

Optimal Nutrient Intake

Improved Metabolism

Increased Energy

Enhanced Sex Drive

Healthy Looking Skin