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Beauty and the Scalpel

Covid and Injectables

There has been significant fanfare on news media regarding dermal filler therapy and COVID-19 vaccinations. Specifically, there was a report that patients with dermal fillers experience swelling following vaccination for COVID-19.  As with many things in 2020/2021, the emotions of this report have largely overshadowed
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Consultation at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery

What to expect at your initial consultation We believe that Plastic Surgery is not a commodity, or a procedure.  Rather, Plastic Surgery is an experience.  This experience begins at our initial consultation.  Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is designed to provide an elegant, comfortable and friendly
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Introducing Xeomin, the new and improved Botox treatment We are thrilled to be the only elite provider of Xeomin on the Treasure Coast.  By now, everyone has heard of Botox in one form or another.  Botox was a quantum leap forward in non-surgical facial rejuvenation,
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What is Arnica Montana?

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe that many homeopathic therapies are safe and effective, and in the context of plastic surgery, many homeopathic therapies provide a synergistic effect.  One of the best examples of this is Arnica Montana (called Arnica for short).  Arnica is
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What Makes Breast Augmentation Unique

The majority of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are designed to bring our appearance into the societal norm.  Take, for example, eyelid lifts (i.e., blepharoplasty).  Over time, many of us develop excess upper eyelid skin, as well as bags in our lower eyelids, and sometimes we
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Breast Augmentation – Approaches to enhancement

There are a number of different incisions used regarding breast augmentation.  They all have advantages and disadvantages.  With the recent FDA approval of silicone implants, the use of each incision has changed because most women want silicone implants, which do offer a superior look and
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See Radiesse Injections

Radiess versus Juvederm vs Restylane

Why both are necessary. Why you may want both. The past decade has been an extremely exciting time for advanced in nonsurgical plastic surgery care. Aesthetic plastic surgeons have added a number of nonsurgical treatment offerings to their toolbox. At the forefront of these advances lies

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Limited Incision Facelift with Eyelid Lift

The most common surgical combination we provide for the aging face is our Ocean Drive Limited Incision Facelift in conjunction with upper eyelid lift.  There is a natural symmetry between a youthful appearing face, and bright vibrant eyes.  Upper eyelid surgery, also known as an

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