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Beauty and the Scalpel

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Radiess versus Juvederm vs Restylane

Why both are necessary. Why you may want both. The past decade has been an extremely exciting time for advanced in nonsurgical plastic surgery care. Aesthetic plastic surgeons have added a number of nonsurgical treatment offerings to their toolbox. At the forefront of these advances lies

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Limited Incision Facelift with Eyelid Lift

The most common surgical combination we provide for the aging face is our Ocean Drive Limited Incision Facelift in conjunction with upper eyelid lift.  There is a natural symmetry between a youthful appearing face, and bright vibrant eyes.  Upper eyelid surgery, also known as an

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Permanent vs. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

There has been an explosion in the field of “dermal fillers” over the last 10 years.   Up to the last decade, there had been mere flirtations with the idea of injecting substances into the face to improve appearance.  The first attempt was with liquid silicone

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Breast Implants for Athletes

Strong is the new version of sexy.  In the last decade, women athletes have clearly established themselves as a new paradigm of performance and beauty.  Fitness, athletic performance, and female beauty have galvanized into a new standard of attraction and beauty.  We at Ocean Drive

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Bras with different sized fruit illustrating different bra sizes.

What Bra Size Will I Be?

What Bra Size Will I Be? Bra Size vs Breast Size Bra size or cup size is not always easy to predict from your breast size. While the terms are related, their meanings are different. Our patients commonly ask what “bra size” they will be

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Mini Mommy Makeover

Mini Mommy Makeover in Vero Beach, FL One of our most potent offerings here at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is the proverbial “Mommy Makeover”.

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Pectoralis Major Muscle in Breast Augmentations

Pectoralis Major Muscle in Breast Augmentations Breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentations, commonly involves manipulation of the Pectoralis Major muscle. The majority of our breast augmentations are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle to some degree. This requires a deep, comprehensive understanding of the muscle,

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