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Arnica Montana Effects on Bruising

Arnica Montana Effects on Bruising At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe that many homeopathic therapies are safe and effective, and in the context of plastic surgery, many homeopathic therapies provide a synergistic effect. One of the best examples of this is Arnica Montana (called Arnica for short). Arnica is a type of sunflower found in Europe. It grows…

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What bra size will you be?

What Bra Size Will I Be?

Bra Size vs Breast Size What bra size cup will I be? Bra size or cup size is not always easy to predict from your breast size. While the terms are related, their meanings are different. Our patients commonly ask what “bra size” they will be after their breast augmentation surgery. This is a realistic question that almost all women ask about…

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Spa facials mask application

Exotic Facial Treatments

Exotic Facial Treatments Nightingales, Bees, and Snails....OH MY!!! As a devotee of all things to help make us beautiful, I have learned that there is a limit to what this self professed "beauty junkie" is willing to try. The latest buzz in exotic facial treatments are all about Bird poop, bee venom and mollusk mucus....EWE....and no thank you!!!! I had heard…

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