Spa facials mask application

Exotic Facial Treatments

Exotic Facial Treatments Nightingales, Bees, and Snails....OH MY!!! As a devotee of all things to help make us beautiful, I have learned that there is a limit to what this self professed "beauty junkie" is willing to try. The latest buzz in exotic facial treatments are all about Bird poop, bee venom and mollusk mucus....EWE....and no thank you!!!! I had heard…

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Marula Oil, the #1 Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Marula Oil, our Best Anti-Aging Facial Oil Move over Argan Oil…there’s a new wonder kid on the block and her name is Marula Oil!!! For the last decade every girl on the planet has been obsessed with Argan oil. We use it in our hair, on our skin, on a boat and on a plane…we could not, would not, use it…

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Dr. Durkin in Vice Sports Magazine

Pectoralis Major Muscle in Breast Augmentations

Pectoralis Major Muscle in Breast Augmentations Breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentations, commonly involves manipulation of the Pectoralis Major muscle. The majority of our breast augmentations are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle to some degree. This requires a deep, comprehensive understanding of the muscle, its anatomy and possible variations, its function, and the effect of sustained, intense weight training…

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