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3D Breast Simulator


Want to see a virtual preview of what you would look like with breast implants? Now you can with Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery’s 3D breast simulator by Illusio. Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is proud to be the first practice in Florida to offer Illusio. Illusio is a new virtual imaging technology in plastic surgery. Unlike previous simulation systems, Illusio® creates and projects  a simulated, virtual picture of breasts in real time. Illusio makes what is known as an “augmented reality” experience. Using proprietary technology, Illusio is able to mimic a patient’s individual anatomy, and then project it onto a viewing screen. The image is shown with your own body. The breast simulator  is seen in real time. The breast simulation moves and reacts with your body’s movements.  So, you can turn your body side-to-side and visualize your new breasts. You can see and assess yourself on the screen. Dr. Durkin is able to adjust the implant size, profile, and projection in real-time. The virtual image is specific to your body shape and size. The virtual image is shown on your body and moves with your body. You’ll be able to see your whole face and body in the image to determine which option fits your body the best prior to having your breast augmentation.

Based on the same idea as advanced gaming software, Illusio uses an elegant combination of sensor technology, and image capture software. Illusio is a remarkable platform for patient education regarding breast augmentation surgery. This first-in-class breast simulator allows you to actually see how different implants will look and move on your own body. Illusio effectively shows you the difference between a high profile silicone implant, and an ultrahigh profile silicone implant on your individual frame. It can show how different a 350cc implant looks than a 400cc implant on your own body. All of Dr. Durkin’s breast consultation patients get to use Illusio.

You are also able to receive your own Illusio pictures and take them home. Surgery is a big decision and you may need time to decide on the right look for you. Illusio allows you the flexibility to experience the app in the privacy of your own home. Our patients say that taking the time to share their images with their spouse or a friend significantly helped them decide on the look that was right for them. This unique technology has allowed Dr. Durkin to clearly show patients their options for breast augmentation. After using Illusio, our patients tell us that they have better confidence when they finally choose their perfect implant.

During an Illusio simulation, you are comfortably covered with a bandeau top. The top allows  clear visualization of your result while maintaining your comfort. The ability to show the most modest of changes between implant volumes has made it remarkably easy for our patients to choose their perfect implant size.

Illusio, Virtual Breast Technology

Visualize your Breast Augmentation

3D Breast Visualizor
Illusio uses the latest in augmented reality technology to offer you an accurate 3D picture of what your body will look like after breast augmentation surgery
Breast Implant Simulator
ILLUSIO, the only real time 3D augmented reality imaging system for cosmetic surgery, is now available at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach and Melbourne, Florida. Dr. Alan Durkin uses ILLUSIO to allow you to see yourself in a Virtual Mirror as he transforms your breasts showing you what they would look like with various size, profiles and breast implant options