Face Contouring

Contouring and Highlighting

High lighting and contouring are nothing new to the beauty industry but have made a delightful comeback from the over done contouring of the 80’s. Modern make up meets subtle illusion with just a sweep of a few strategically placed products. Learn how to even out your skin tone and highlight your cheeks and brows for a flawless complexion with this highlighting and contouring step by step.

Highlighting is now being dubbed “Strobing” and is the very best way to “fake” symmetry and brightness. There are certain “high” points of the face that if highlighted properly can change the way we look. There are a few vital facial features that are absolute MUSTS!!!

  • The inner corners of the eyes: This makes the whites of your eyes look whiter and of course brighter.
  • The cupids bow: This high point of the lips appears more pillowy when you brush a bit of brightening highlighter and we all look better when our lips look more kissable.
  • The center of the nose: If you have a less than perfectly straight nose, highlighting down the bridge gives the illusion of symmetry.
  • The high point of the brow: This is a great way to create the optical illusion of being lit from within, also in the eye socket, especially if you tend to have dark under eye circles.

Contouring is equally as important as good highlighting. While highlighting draws attention to features we wish to stand out, we contour which facial features we wish to diminish.

How To Add Contouring

  1. If you have a fuller face or simply wish to chisel out the illusion of high cheekbones, suck your face in like you are making a “fishy face” and apply matte contour powder in this hollow from the corner of the outer mouth to mid ear.
  2. If you have a fuller lower face or what we in the biz call “sub mental fullness”, contouring this area can thin it out a bit.
  3. A little contouring along the forehead and hairline goes a long way. If your forehead is on the larger size, this really gives the appearance of a more delicate one.