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Dermal fillers and neuromodulators have absolutely revolutionized modern aesthetic plastic surgery, and their uses continue to gain popularity, and enter new arenas for rejuvenation. Over the last two years, there has been a great emphasis in the Plastic Surgery community on providing a nonsurgical solution for nasal aesthetics. We at Ocean Drive have been part of that trend, and we are proud to offer nonsurgical “liquid rhinoplasty” procedures at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

Nasal aesthetics are critical to overall facial aesthetics. A good looking nose with appropriate volume and anatomy will enhance the entire face, while a bad looking nose will globally detract from the overall facial aesthetic. This makes the nasal region very important to your face. The mainstay for improving nasal aesthetics has always been surgical: Rhinoplasty (nose job), or Revision Rhinoplasty (second surgical nose job).

While there are many people out there that do not like their nose, many are willing to deal with it because they do not want to do any surgery. This is completely reasonable, as a surgical rhinoplasty, while it does give the best overall result, is much more expensive, and requires down-time, anesthesia, etc. For those patients who are dissatisfied with their nose, but unwilling or unable to undergo surgery, “liquid rhinoplasty” may be your best solution.

In a liquid rhinoplasty, we combine the use of dermal fillers to straighten and flatten the nose by removing unwanted contours with the potency of neuromodulators for reduction of nasal contractions. The results of liquid rhinoplasty are seen immediately, but are then refined over the course of one to three days as the neuromodulator effect sets in.

For liquid rhinoplasty, we favor using hyaluronic acid fillers for contouring the external nose. Specifically, we like them because they are malleable, soft, but resistant to migration. For patients with softer nasal skin, we use Revanesse Versa. For patients with thicker nasal skin, we like a slightly more rigid filler, such as Juvederm Vollure, or Restylane Refyne.

Once the contours are improved by the dermal filler component, neuromodulation of the nasal muscles is undertaken. We recommend Xeomin® for this procedure, as Xeomin binds immediately, and exerts its clinical effect within 24 hours. For patients that are set on using Botox®, that is also a reasonable choice that we often use, although this technique was developed around the same time as Xeomin (2013), and Botox Cosmetic was developed in the 1980’s. Botox® also takes 3-5 days to exert its effect, which can delay your liquid rhinoplasty result.

Liquid rhinoplasty will not improve, nor will it worsen, nasal airflow. The procedure only has to manipulate the superficial, non-airflow tissue planes. Results from Liquid Rhinoplasty can be seen immediately. Bruising is fairly uncommon, but can occur. The results from the dermal filler component lasts a minimum of 6 months, up to 14 months. The neuromodiulator portion lasts 3-4 months, and needs to be repeated biannually for best result. Downime is minimal, as patients are only asked not to vigorously exercise for 12 hours. After that, no restrictions.

The technique of liquid rhinoplasty is not for every nose, as not everyone’s anatomy is suitable for this procedure. However, in appropriate noses, this procedure offers a soft, subtle, but tangible change that naturally enhances your nasal and facial appearance. Liquid rhinoplasty can be undertaken with or without neuromodulators, but we feel that the combination of the two therapies offers a slightly superior result. Liquid rhinoplasty can be combined with other nonsurgical procedures, such as HALO, liquid facelift, Nefertiti lifts, and other approaches. It can also be combined with surgical procedures, such as eyelid lifts, or facelifts.

We are enormous fans of this procedure, as it gives us a financially affordable, nonsurgical solution to nasal aesthetics. The power of nasal aesthetics, and its influence over the human face cannot be understated, but while surgical Rhinoplasty is one of our most popular procedures, not everyone wants to undergo surgery. Liquid rhinoplasty is designed for those individuals who want to improve their nasal appearance, but are unwilling to undergo surgery for their result. We strongly support this approach, and proudly offer it to clients of all ages, and it is the second most common injectable procedure in men, right after Xeomin.

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