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Collagen Induction
In Vero Beach, FL

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Collagen Induction Therapy

One of our core concepts at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is to invest in, and improve collagen production in patient’s skin. As we age, our skin loses two of its greatest attributes: Elastin, which allows skin to be flexible, and Collagen, which allows skin to appear soft, firm, and vital. Currently, there is no surgical or nonsurgical modality that can replace the elastin in our skin. However, there are a number of therapies that we employ on a daily basis to improve collagen production. At Ocean Drive, our team of providers is prepared to provide a multitude of interventions designed to maximize your skin’s collagen production. We call these therapies “Collagen Induction Therapy”, and there are a number of different pathways that can be followed to achieve your goals.

Our approach is to create the best possible plan for your individual lifestyle, your treatment goals, and as always respect how much cost and downtime you can afford. We will review these modalities in order of cost.

Close up of Vero Beach patient in white top

Retinol based skin care, antioxidant moisturizer, zinc/titanium based sunscreen, Two extraction/exfoliation facials a year.

If you want the best return on investment for your money, look no further than this skin care regimen. For less than $750 a year, you can literally keep the winds of age off of your face. We recommend this to almost all of our clients. While this does give excellent results, they are usually seen over the course of years. Furthermore, this approach only works with consistency of care. Clients who want to maintain their facial appearance should be doing this at a minimum starting in their mid-20’s.

Vero Beach collagen induction treatment before
Vero Beach collagen induction treatment after
Vero Beach collagen induction results

Pictures shown above reflect the results of a full field Er-YAG laser skin resurfacing of the face. Preoperative photo shown at 83 years of age. The second photo shows results at 30 days post-procedure. The final photo is shown at 3 years out, and the patient is 86 years old.

Broadband Light Therapy

Broadband light therapy is the newest form of intense pulsed light (IPL).

It is primarily designed to reduce the appearance of brown spots, red spots, and rosacea. It can also play a role in revising pigmented scars. Unlike IPL, however, BBL therapy has been shown to directly activate and increase the activity of genes within the skin that reduce the signs of aging. In other words, BBL therapy acts as a catalyst for the skin to improve itself.

This multifactorial process is best seen in patients who receive this therapy annually, but the more it is used, the better the results. Beyond direct gene activation, BBL therapy will also improve collagen production by 15-20% for months after therapy. BBL therapy is our most popular spa treatment, and it can be used effectively in men and women alike. Downtime from this therapy is minimal, and this treatment can be combined with any other surgical or nonsurgical offering.

Elemis Biotec® - The ultimate fusion of technique and technology

The ultimate fusion of technique and technology, the Elemis Biotec® platform offers the finest noninvasive modality available for improving healthy collagen production, and increasing cell turnover. This European facial technology was developed in the United Kingdom, and has recently been introduced in the United States. The Biotec® platform combines the best clinical components of our Ocean Drive Signature Facial with a proprietary combination of microcurrent therapy, galvanic massage, and oxygen infusion. This multiplanar approach to the skin improves collagen production, increases overall skin health and metabolism, and basically makes your skin vibrant and soft for weeks following treatment.

This treatment is offered by at our MedSpa, requires no downtime, and offers instantaneous results. Patients who regularly use Biotec® achieve the best results.

Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)®

This treatment generates Type I and Type III collagen after treatment. When delivered multiple times annually, Microneedling with PRP can maintain normal collagen production well into people’s late 40’s and early 50’s.

Microneedling® is also effective in minimizing the appearance superficial scars along the face, neck, chest, and arms. Downtime with this treatment is 1-2 days. This treatment is very effective for people with excellent skin quality that want the finest maintenance therapy possible. It is also effective in people with mild to moderate skin roughness, and excess pore size. Microneedling® treatments are always paired with client-specific peptide treatments to maximize results. This treatment is a favorite amongst our millennial patients.

Woman in gray top standing

Microneedling with Radiofrequency Ablation

For patients looking for more of an outcome following microneedling, we offer Pixel8 Microneedling. With this platform, radiofrequency energy is directly delivered by the needle directly into the deeper epidermis, and superficial dermis.

This energy, in combination with the mechanical component of microneedling offers the finest possible outcome for patients looking for minimally invasive skin quality improvement. Again, microneedle therapy will produce both Type I and Type III collagen, but with radiofrequency, the ratio is markedly slanted towards Type I collagen, which is healthy and youthful. Downtime with this procedure is again 1-2 days, and this procedure, like microneedling above, can and should be used with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to produce the best possible result.

Vero Beach Collagen Induction before
Vero Beach Collagen Induction after

Radiesse Plus Injectable Therapy

There are a number of injectable fillers available on the market, and each of them serves an individual role. Within the realm of dermal fillers, there are a number of fillers that we call “collagen inducers”. These fillers not only volumize and lift tissue, they also stimulate the internal production of collagen. This collagen induction creates a sort-of “halo” effect, as we call it, for your skin.

By using these agents, not only is there an improvement to your facial anatomy, but there is also a long-term benefit to your skin quality. There are a number of fillers that create collagen induction, but only one filler produces more healthy Type I collagen than Type III (scar) collagen. That filler is Radiesse and Radiesse Plus. One of our best plastic surgery “tricks” for major facial improvement without surgery is to combine Radiesse Plus with other collagen induction therapies (Dermapen, Fractional laser, Ultherapy, etc.) to produce outstanding comprehensive results without significant downtime.

Vero Beach Collagen Induction model

Approach #7 – Ablative Laser Resurfacing

The ultimate in laser therapy, full field ablative laser resurfacing gives your skin a true “reset”. This treatment safely removes the superficial layers of the skin, while tightening the deeper dermal components. It results in a profound increase in soft, healthy, vibrant collagen.

This treatment is a “one time” procedure that will remove fine lines, superficial wrinkles, and low pigment age spots. It is remarkably effective around the perioral (mouth lines), and periorbital areas (crow’s feet around the eyes). It also smooths out texture on the cheeks and brows. This type of laser therapy is incredibly effective at reversing the stigmata of aging. Due to its wide ranging effects, we provide this treatment under a twilight level of anesthesia. Recovery time is 7-12 days on average, but the results of this type of resurfacing are hard to resist. This procedure is commonly combined with upper and lower eyelid surgery, facelift, but it is just as effective as a standalone intervention.

Approach #8 – Ultherapy

Imagine all of the collagen without any downtime. Enter Ultherapy. Ultherapy is a first-in-class device that uses high intensity focused ultrasound to produce heat within the deep layers of the skin, and the surrounding connective tissue. The heat then drives production of collagen that subsequently lifts, firms, and tones the soft tissue of the face, neck, decollete’, and body. This procedure is done in a spa setting, and provides durable, reliable results without any need for surgery. With this procedure, there is ZERO downtime. That’s right. ZERO. Clients are able to receive Ultherapy and return to work the same day if they wish!! The procedure is done only with cryotherapy relief and topical numbing agents. For patients who want even greater comfort, we are happy to provide prescription pain medications as needed. Results are commonly delayed, as the collagen cycle can take up to 120 days. This procedure is commonly used in the brow, lower face, neck, decollete’, and abdomen. This procedure is one of Dr. Durkin’s favorites. Ask him about his “new brow”. No more Geico commercials for him!!

Fractional laser resurfacing patient before and after treatment

This patient underwent 5 treatments of fractional laser resurfacing. Each session had a downtime of approximately 1-2 days. Results shown 6 months after treatment is complete.

Vero Beach Skin resurfacing before
Vero Beach Skin rejuvenation after
Vero Beach Skin resurfacing patient before treatment
Vero Beach Skin resurfacing patient after treatment

Note that the patient has a lighter overall tone, and tightened skin to cheeks, eyelids, and lower face. As well, her acne scarring is markedly improved, allowing her to show off her fantastic facial structure more effectively.

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Dr. Alan Durkin and their team of providers deliver incredible results tailored to your needs in a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. Learn more about the Ocean Drive difference by scheduling your one-on-one diagnostic consultation with Dr. Durkin or Dr. Chim today.