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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat Pockets

There comes a time when you have worked out and dieted all you can, but there are stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away. Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that removes excess fat for a slimmer, well-defined body contour.

Liposuction at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, Vero Beach Liposuction provider Dr. Durkin performs this procedure on both men and women. A range of advanced tools and technologies are available, and Dr. Durkin will help you make sense of your different options to achieve your ideal fat reduction.

Before deciding on the procedure, meet with Dr. Alan Durkin at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Florida, to determine if liposuction is right for you. There are non-surgical options if you are not ready for an invasive procedure.

Liposuction Vero beach

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery removes excess body fat from your abdomen, buttocks, fack, face, neck, arms, breasts, flanks, and legs.

The objective of liposuction is to focus on one or more areas to improve the overall appearance. By removing the unwanted fat, you can attain a more contoured body with liposuction. Our most treated areas include the neck, chin, arms, abdomen, buttocks, flanks, and back. Liposuction is also a treatment that can be added on to compliment the outcome of other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, surgeries involving a fat transfer, and in Gynecomastia - male breast reduction technique.

Liposuction Options

The two types of liposuction treatments are Tumescent Lipo and Super-Wet lipo. Dr. Durkin will discuss these procedures in more detail during your consultation.

There are many procedures to choose from at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery. Regardless of the type of procedure used, Dr. Durkin favors the tumescent liposuction or super-wet liposuction techniques. This essentially means applying a large amount of wetting solution before attempting to break up and extract the fat. Over the years, he has found this technique provides a superior aesthetic outcome. It also tends to enhance patient comfort and allow for maximum fat reduction compared to wet or dry techniques.

Dr. Durkin will personalize your treatment plan to your anatomy and goals. He may discuss one or more approaches at your Vero Beach Liposuction consultation and educate you on the differences.

While trying to make sense of your options, it is helpful to know that technology refers to a specific tool or device, while a technique is how a surgeon uses the device. With that in mind, here are some terms worth knowing:

Tumescent Liposuction

This technique is also called “Awake Liposuction.”

The wetting solution in the tumescent Lipo approach causes the fat deposits to swell once injected. Once the excess fat increases in volume, it makes it easier to move around and remove it.

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As the name suggests, during this version of liposuction Vero Beach patients will be awake during the procedure unless removing a large volume of fat. Avoiding general anesthesia means you won’t feel groggy or nauseous after surgery, prompting a more comfortable recovery. This technique may also save money on anesthesia-related costs.

This approach is best for patients that need a spot treatment to touch up their physique since it only removes a modest amount of fat.

awake liposuction before and after

Example of targeted awake liposuction undertaken at Ocean Drive. Area treated with lateral and medial thighs. Note the smoother, reduced projection of the lateral thighs and the reduction in fullness of the medial (inside) thigh.

High Definition Liposuction

Looking to get etched? With this type of liposuction Vero Beach men and women who have maximized their physical fitness and are near their ideal shape would be prime candidates. If you have a three-pack and you want a six-pack, this is for you. This technique is very exact and is designed to turn you from fabulous to flawless. High Definition liposuction involves low to moderate fat removal and emphasizes the creation of the natural contour lines of the rectus abdominis muscles and the external obliques. High definition liposuction can be done to the abdomen, upper and lower back, male breast area, lateral thighs, and in a limited fashion to the arms.

Additional Reading

high definition liposuction before and after

High-definition liposuction with etching on a semi-professional bodybuilder. Procedure was done with light sedation. Note the increased definition of the core musculature, a primary endpoint of this procedure in males.

hi def liposuction before and after

High-definition liposuction in a 42-year-old female. Note the midline etching, the reduction of hips and flanks, and the defined line between the abdomen and pelvis along the mons and lower trunk.

360 Degree Liposuction

360 liposuction is not a specific device. Rather, it is a surgical technique that targets multiple areas of the abdomen at once. This approach is designed for men and women who want to actively and significantly reduce their waistlines. With this technique, patients are safely and comfortably placed into anesthesia and then rotated onto their tummy. We then undertake comprehensive moderate to high volume liposuction to the upper and lower back first. Then, patients are rotated onto their back, and we undertake comprehensive abdominal, hip, and flank liposuction.

Additional Reading

360 liposuction before and after

Side view of patient before and after 360 liposuction.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

Traditional liposuction can be aggressive and require intensive manual labor to break up the fat cells. That can lead to significant bruising, swelling, and ultimately a longer recovery. Dr. Durkin routinely uses power-assisted technology to make the process gentler.

Power assist refers to how the cannula moves as it breaks down the fat. Instead of an aggressive back-and-forth motion, the power-assist cannula vibrates rapidly. The vibrations help to liquefy the fat cells with ease. The process is gentler on the tissues and takes less time, which benefits the patient and surgeon.

Large Volume Liposuction

Do you have a large fat bulge or multiple areas that won’t respond to your diet or exercise efforts? If so, you may be a candidate for large-volume liposuction. Also known as high-volume liposuction, hourglass liposuction, plus-size liposuction, mega liposuction, aggressive liposuction, or extreme liposuction, this technique can remove up to four liters (or approximately 8.8 pounds) of fat in a single session.

Additional Reading

large volume liposuction before and after

Large volume liposuction to abdomen and flanks. This was done in conjunction with an Ocean Drive Abdominoplasty.

Am I a good candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction may be considered if you are within 30 percent of your ideal body weight, have good elasticity and muscle tone, are not a smoker, and have realistic expectations. The ideal candidate is at least 18 years old and has no health concerns that may make the procedure unsuitable.

Areas Addressed with Liposuction

Liposuction can target fat in the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Chin and neck
  • Upper back, bra line, and flanks

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction technology has improved over the years, and there is no longer extensive downtime with the procedure as there once was. Dr. Durkin uses the most advanced liposuction techniques to remove fat with precision, maintain natural contours, and shorten post-operative recovery and downtime. After the procedure, the majority of patients enjoy a slimmer, sleeker profile. In fit individuals, it enhances the visibility of the underlying musculature, making it easier to show off toned muscles once the subcutaneous fat layer is no longer in the way.

Possible Benefits and Reasons to Consider Liposuction

For the right candidates, liposuction can:

  • Improve the fit of clothing
  • Make it easier to see the existing muscle tone
  • Target unwanted fat in stubborn areas of the body
Liposuction Vero beach

Consultation and Preparation

During your one-on-one with Dr. Durkin, he will assess your areas of concern and determine if your skin has good elasticity. If you are a good candidate for liposuction Vero Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Durkin will create a customized treatment plan unique to your aesthetic goals. It is vital to have a regular exercise and diet regimen to avoid weight fluctuations both before and after the procedure.

To prepare for the procedure, Dr. Durkin will provide a list of instructions. Directives may include quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and temporarily discontinuing NSAID medications, Vitamin E, and blood thinners. Depending on the choice of anesthesia, patients may also be asked to modify what they eat or drink for several hours leading up to the procedure.

Please arrive at your appointment in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, as there can be some swelling and tenderness in the treated area afterward. Visit this page for more information on preparing for surgery.

Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Durkin administers either local, twilight, or general anesthesia to make the procedure comfortable. He then injects a wetting solution (tumescent fluid) into the treatment site. The solution contains saline and epinephrine to minimize bleeding, bruising, and discomfort. He then makes one or more tiny incisions through which he passes a cannula. The cannula separates the fat cells so a vacuum-assisted suction cannula can easily remove them.

Liposuction Vero Beach

Can I combine Liposuction with other aesthetic procedures?

Liposuction is an excellent complement to other body sculpting procedures, including tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, arm lifts, and more. Combining it and body contouring allows patients to achieve tighter, firmer skin and reduce fat in one procedure, potentially saving money on anesthesia, surgical fees, and aftercare expenses.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction is not the only way to achieve a more streamlined proportion. Non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening procedures are also available at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery. For example, if you want to build muscle tone and reduce fat, consider EmSculpt Neo. Renuvion (a minimally invasive radiofrequency device) may be suitable if your main concern is laxity on your neck, chin, or jawline. Your provider will let you know if less-invasive treatments are a better fit for your needs.

renuvion before and after

Liposuction Recovery

Most patients need about three to seven days of time to rest and heal up the body. This will vary depending on each patient’s pain tolerance level as well as how extensive the surgery was. Dr. Durkin usually prescribes pain medication as needed to help a patient manage their pain during this time of recovery. Expect a degree of bruising, swelling and some numbness in the areas treated by the surgery. A compression garment may also be worn during the liposuction recovery period to help mitigate the bruising and swelling as well as speed the process of healing.

Liposuction Results

Generally, you will begin seeing your results right away. However, it is very common to experience swelling, which subsides after one to six weeks. After six weeks, you can expect to see significant changes, and after six months, you should see your final results. Liposuction is generally considered a permanent procedure, as the treated fat cells are removed. However, it is still possible to gain weight in the future. Gaining weight in the future may see it showing up in other areas of the body. In order to maintain your results, a healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended.

Why choose Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery?

Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery has been at the cusp of innovation in Vero Beach liposuction for 30 years. Led by award-winning, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Alan Durkin, patients achieve refined, natural-looking outcomes. Our stylish, modern office on Florida’s Treasure Coast offers concierge-level services such as a VIP entrance, house calls, and on-duty nurses, allowing our patients to recover in peace, privacy, and luxury. Furthermore, Drs. Durkin and Chim have spent extra time training in every liposuction technique and tool imaginable, offering their patients exquisite results.

Vero beach Liposuction Provider Dr. Durkin

Schedule Your Vero Beach, FL, Liposuction Consultation at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery Today

Dr. Alan Durkin and his highly skilled medical team at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery are excited to guide you through your aesthetic journey. Achieve your physique goals with us. Learn more if liposuction is right for you and discuss your options during a consultation today. Call (772) 234-3700 or fill out the online booking form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your liposuction surgery does not hurt while you are in surgery because of your administered anesthesia. However, after your procedure, you will feel sore and may have swelling and bruising. Your body will need time to recover and heal before returning to strenuous activities.

Complications with liposuction are rare, but some risks include hematoma - pooling blood under your skin; seroma - fluid pocket that needs draining, skin color changes, blood clots, and scarring.

Yes, you will be administered some form of anesthesia. During your consultation, Dr. Durkin will determine which approach is best for you.

The incisions are tiny, just large enough to pass the cannula. In most cases, scarring is minimal. However, individual differences in healing can make the scar(s) appear more obvious in some patients. For example, patients with a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring may notice the resulting scars are more perceptible than average.

Dr. Durkin may recommend sleeping on your back with your head elevated on pillows for several weeks, depending on the treated areas. If you had buttock liposuction, he may advise you to sleep in a position that avoids putting pressure on the area.

Liposuction is suitable for eligible candidates aged 18 or older.

Good skin elasticity is necessary for a superior cosmetic outcome. Patients with lax skin and excess fat may consider combining liposuction with skin-tightening procedures such as abdominoplasty. After examining you, Dr. Durkin will provide a personalized recommendation.

Most patients return to work after ten days, but it depends on your pain tolerance and how much work you have done. The more treated areas, the longer the recovery time. Complete healing is expected within six weeks.

Whether your insurance covers your liposuction procedure depends on the reason for your treatment. After your one-on-one with Dr. Durkin, it is best if you speak with your insurance provider about your coverage options. However, Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery does offer financing and payment options for your convenience.

Liposuction surgery is not a weight-loss procedure but more about achieving more definition and body contouring. As a result, you will see dramatic results in terms of inches but not overall weight.

After extraction, the treated fat cells are permanently removed from the body. However, it is not considered permanent in the sense that it can’t prevent future weight. Hormonal changes, pregnancy, aging, certain medications, or excess calorie intake can all cause fat to return to the treated area.

Liposuction is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss tool. You should be near your goal weight before the procedure. The procedure then sculpts and defines the area, removing fat that resists exercise and dieting.

Generally speaking, the procedure can cost several thousand dollars. The final amount can vary greatly depending on the size and number of areas treated. Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery makes every effort to price the procedure fairly and accurately based on your specific needs. You will receive a quote at your consultation so you can prepare ahead financially. Monthly payment plans (CareCredit®) are available to qualifying patients.

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If you're unhappy with certain areas of your body but aren't ready for surgery, Ocean Drive MedSpa has the perfect non-surgical solution for you. Our expert team offers a variety of non-surgical body procedures that can help you achieve the body you've always wanted without the need for invasive surgery. From reducing stubborn fat to tightening and toning loose skin, we have the perfect treatment to help you achieve your desired results. Plus, with our non-surgical approach, you can enjoy quick and easy recovery with no down time. Explore our website to learn more about our non-surgical body procedures and schedule a consultation today to take the first step towards your dream body.

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At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Dr. Alan Durkin and their team of providers deliver incredible results tailored to your needs in a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. Learn more about the Ocean Drive difference by scheduling your one-on-one diagnostic consultation with Dr. Durkin or Dr. Chim today.