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Pectoral Implants
In Vero Beach, FL

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Vero Beach pec implants for a more masculine physique

Pectoral implants (also called pectoral augmentation or “pec implants” for short) offer a surgical solution for patients who would like to enhance the masculine appearance of their chest. Underdeveloped pectoral muscles can detract from your overall fit and youthful appearance and may cause your body to appear less defined than you would like. The toned and athletic look of pec implants can substantially increase the appearance of body strength and improve your body’s proportions so you can achieve a better physique.

At premier Vero Beach plastic surgery destination Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, pec implants can help you achieve the look you want.

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What are pectoral implants?

Pectoral implants are silicone inserts placed behind your natural pectoral muscles to achieve enhanced chest definition.

When performed by a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Alan Durkin, pectoral implant surgery produces results that feel and appear completely natural, giving you a well-defined chest for a more muscular look at the beach, gym, bar, or office. Pectoral implants can help patients improve their fitness results, repair damage from an injury or previous surgery, or affirm their gender. Pec implants can help you overcome whatever is keeping you from realizing a body that reflects your youth, efforts, and identity.

What are the benefits of pec implants?

With proper care, your pectoral implants can last a lifetime. With a broader and more sculpted chest, you can expect to experience enhanced confidence that can translate into increased social and professional success. Furthermore, your pec augmentation is entirely customizable to suit every aspect of your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Am I a candidate for pec implant surgery?

Pec implant surgery may be an ideal treatment for you if you are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of your chest muscles. Patients with underdeveloped pectoral muscles, asymmetry, slightly sagging skin (especially after liposuction), or other deformities in the chest can all benefit from pec implant surgery. For any surgical procedure, you should be in generally good health and a non-smoker or able to quit smoking before your surgery. You should have realistic expectations for your procedure, as well as a clear understanding of what your surgery will entail.

Finally, you should be able to devote the time and care needed to achieve a full recovery before returning to work or strenuous activities.

What to expect on the day of your surgery

The first thing that will happen when you arrive at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery for your pec implant procedure is your chest will be shaved. Next, you will receive general anesthesia to ensure your complete comfort during surgery.

During your surgery for pec implants Vero Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Durkin will create an incision at the intersection of your pectoralis major and your pectoralis minor—in other words, the crease of your armpit. Dr. Durkin will slide your solid silicone gel implant between these two muscles. Once your implant is in its proper position, Dr. Durkin will close your incision, which will be very discrete once it's healed. You can expect your pectoral implant surgery to last between one and two hours. As soon as you wake up, you will be able to head home and begin your recovery.

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Dr. Alan Durkin at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery
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Following your pec surgery, you will have some swelling, bruising, inflammation, and possible drainage. Dr. Durkin may place drains during your procedure to prevent fluid from accumulating beneath the skin. He will remove these drains within one week. You may also be instructed to wear a compression garment to help with swelling and ensure that your implants stay in place while the surrounding tissues heal, usually around six weeks. You will need to wait up to several months to resume strenuous upper body function to prevent complications.

Book your consultation for pec implants in Vero Beach, FL

Pec implants can significantly enhance your life. If you would like to explore your candidacy for pec implants in Vero Beach, please contact us at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Durkin.

Pectoral Implants
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my surgery?

When you schedule your pec implant surgery, Dr. Durkin will provide you with detailed instructions regarding how you can prepare for your procedure. Dr. Durkin may also prescribe pain medication that you can fill before your surgery to ensure that it is on-hand immediately after your procedure. You will also need to arrange for someone close to you to drive you home after surgery.

When will I be able to go back to work after my surgery?

You should plan to stay home from work for about two weeks after your pec implant procedure. It is essential that you allow your body ample time to heal to avoid complications and produce the best results with any surgical procedure.

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