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Breast Augmentation and Fitness Competitors
In Vero Beach, FL

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Strong has become the new standard for sexy

Over the last decade, strong has become the new standard for sexy. Men and women both have elected to invest in a new level of healthy, striving for a balance between performance, nutrition, and muscle mass. This shift towards a more athletic look rather than the “model thin” look has been embraced and celebrated at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, and we are strong proponents of the “aesthetic athlete”. Our practice, especially Dr. Durkin, enjoys working with male and female athletes. These patients work to bring out the best version of themselves, and they compel us to provide the finest possible results in plastic surgery. As well, they allow us to work with anatomy and physiology at its strongest and most efficient.

We celebrate our athlete clients at our Vero Beach plastic surgery center, and have made some of our best friendships in the athletic community. We know that breast augmentation for athletes requires a different technique than regular breast augmentation, especially for fitness models and competitors. Dr. Durkin’s personal technique for breast augmentation has been developed over the last ten years, and has been recognized nationally for the outstanding results that it produces.

Dr. Durkin has enjoyed a significant level of experience regarding breast augmentation in fitness models and fitness competitors, and we believe that Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery offers some of the finest results in breast augmentation nationwide in these incredibly dedicated, beautiful, strong women. So what separates the Ocean Drive technique from other breast implant techniques?

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Inherent Breast Support is Maximized

Support, support, support

Dr. Durkin’s proprietary breast augmentation technique maximizes the inherent support structures of the breast. Specific ligaments known as suspensory breast ligaments, are identified at key positions throughout the gland, and maintained during breast implant placement. By keeping these structures intact, we minimize descent and droop of the gland during weight fluctuations from the on-to-off season, and keep the implants perky during cutting phases.

For beginner athletes, this technique maintains a youthful appearance to the breast mound that is not seen with standard breast augmentation techniques. The selectivity of our implant pocket creation pays outstanding long-term dividends on outcome, as the breast implant stays in harmony with your natural breast tissue regardless of weight fluctuations.

Athletic Breast Augmentation with Fitness Model Kimmi Stark

With fitness models and competitors, breast augmentation requires a different technique than regular breast augmentations. Dr. Durkin’s personal technique for breast augmentation for athletes has been developed over the last ten years, and has been recognized nationally for the outstanding results that it produces.

Submuscular Breast Implant

We celebrate the well-developed pectoralis major muscle.

Our approach to breast augmentation in fitness athletes involves submusclar placement of breast implants. In women with favorable pectoralis major muscle insertions, submuscular implant placement offers some of the best possible results in breast augmentation. While many centers believe that well developed muscle can obscure and detract from breast augmentation, our experience has shown us that appropriate understanding of the pectoralis major muscle, and creation of a meticulous dual-plane pocket allows for world-class results in breast augmentation in the female athlete. Dr. Durkin strongly advocates for creation of a partial submuscular plane for the upper pole of the implant, and a subglandular plane for the lower pole of the implant.

By created a “dual plane”, Dr. Durkin can simultaneously use your own well-developed muscle to minimize the “shelf look” in the upper pole that is so common in fitness models, and create a soft, sexy curve in the upper breast. This youthful, natural convexity offers the finest in breast aesthetics, and our finest results are seen in the female athlete. In the lower pole, the implant will be placed in a position to directly support and elevate the gland, which maximizes the overall “perkiness” of the result. In summary, we can use the natural resources that you have developed through hard work and dedication to maximize your breast augmentation results without limiting or changing the function or strength of the pectoralis major muscle.

We Maintain the Superficial Fascia of the Breast

The female breast is surrounded by a very thin support structure known as the superficial fascia of the breast. This fascia, which is an extension of Scarpa’s fascia of the abdomen, is traditionally a very thin, poor load-bearing structure, and in traditional breast augmentation, it does not offer much benefit or burden to the patient or plastic surgeon. In fitness models and female athletes, however, this fascia tends to be very developed and very reliable in regards to supporting breast implants. We have developed a specific technique that maintains this fascia during breast augmentation. This fascia conserving technique allows for a more natural and “gravity defying” look to our breast augmentations. This fascia which supports the entire lower pole of the gland, is the structure Dr. Durkin uses to support the lower pole of your breast augmentation.

By keeping this structure intact, we minimizes chances of the implant migrating down, known as “bottoming out”. By preventing bottoming out, we maintain good implant position, and maximize the upper pole fullness of your augmentation. We use this technique in every breast augmentation we undertake, but see the best results in fitness competitors.

We Maintain Muscle Strength and Function

Atraumatic Technique

During your breast augmentation, Dr. Durkin will take meticulous care to minimize the degree of muscle release. Dr. Durkin will tailor create your breast implant pocket to maximize your aesthetic result, while limiting the amount of muscle trauma during your procedure. It should be absolutely understood that our technique of submuscular breast augmentation does NOT remove any muscle whatsoever, and that muscle strength and function following breast augmentation will be the same as it was before breast augmentation. By using a meticulous, atraumatic technique, our patients enjoy a quicker recovery with less discomfort, less bruising, and less swelling. They also enjoy a quicker return to the gym.

Breast Implant selection

Defining what looks best

There are a number of differences between fitness competitors and the public at large when it comes to implant selection, and these differences are explored during our consultation process. For example, any patient who develops less than 12% total body fat will develop severe rippling with a saline or silicone implant in the subglandular position. Implant rippling in the fitness community is a significant aesthetic issue. Fitness models and competitors also tend towards higher profile implants, as they provide maximal upper pole fullness while minimizing excess “side-boob”. Our comprehensive experience in the fitness industry has given us this insight, and dozens of others that we use daily to improve outcomes in highly athletic women. When it comes to breast augmentation for athletes Vero Beach based plastic surgery practice Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery's experience definitely matters.

Breast Augmentation for Athletes Consultation

Our confidence in our outcomes starts with our consultation process.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Durkin will personally meet with you to discuss your aesthetic goals. Dr. Durkin will review each and every type of approach to breast augmentation, discuss the benefits of submuscular vs. subglandular, vs. dual plane breast augmentation. You will learn about the risks and benefits of smooth implants, textured implants, anatomic implants, round implants, and each type of breast implant profile (low, moderate, moderate plus, high, ultrahigh). A review of saline vs. silicone type implants, including differential pricing will be given. After our initial conference, Dr. Durkin and Kolynn will provide a comprehensive breast examination. Once complete, you will be given the opportunity to try on multiple breast implants for sizing in our consultation suite.

Lastly, all of our Vero Beach breast augmentation for athletes patients are offered simulation sizing on Illusio®, which is our 3-dimensional breast augmentation simulator. Our clients are given the opportunity to see exactly what their new breasts will look like after surgery in swimwear, and unclothed. This simulation also allows patients to see their new breasts “in motion”. In summary, we offer a comprehensive evaluation coupled with one of the world’s most comprehensive experiences in fitness model breast augmentation, and we provide surgical services in a private, state-of-the-art, beachside facility. We believe that Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery offers one of the finest experiences in breast augmentation surgery available, and it starts at our consult.

Made in the USA

Regardless of the economy, the GDP, or free trade agreements, Dr. Durkin and the team at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery strongly believe that “Made in the USA” still means something. We personally believe that American manufacturing is still the standard bearer on planet Earth, and as such, we only purchase medical materials and implants in the United States.

All medications, surgical supplies, surgical materials, medications, sutures, dressings, and general supplies are proudly purchased through American vendors representing American manufacturers. While this drives a minor increase in cost, our patients enjoy a major increase in peace of mind and satisfaction, as they know that everything in our surgery center strictly adheres to the highest standards of manufacturing quality and manufacturing safety available. At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe that patient safety is a cultural concept, and recognize that to maintain the highest level of patient safety and comfort, a constant investment of time, thought, and effort is required. We celebrate our culture of patient safety, and continuously strive to improve our already flawless record of safety. At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, safety starts with Made in the USA.

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Vice Sports Magazine

Frisch, Ian. “The Judges Want to See Boobs’: How the Competitive Fitness Industry Pressures Women into Getting Breast Implants.” Vice Sports, 23 February 2015,

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Breast Implants Made in USA

Mentor breast implants

Dr. Durkin uses Mentor breast implants for all breast augmentation procedures. Mentor breast implants are made in the USA.

Ocean Drive MedSpa

As an athlete, your body is your most important asset. But even the fittest and most dedicated athletes can have areas of concern and surgery may not be an option. That's where Ocean Drive MedSpa comes in. Our expert team offers a variety of non-surgical treatments that are specifically designed to help athletes achieve their desired results without the need for surgery. From reducing the appearance of stubborn fat to enhancing muscle definition, we have the perfect treatment to help you take your performance to the next level. Plus, with our non-surgical approach, you can enjoy quick and easy recovery and get back to your fitness routine. Don't let the fear of surgery hold you back from achieving your goals. Explore our website to learn more about our non-surgical treatments for athletes and schedule a consultation today. You deserve to feel confident and powerful in your own skin.

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At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Dr. Alan Durkin and their team of providers deliver incredible results tailored to your needs in a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. Learn more about the Ocean Drive difference by scheduling your one-on-one diagnostic consultation with Dr. Durkin or Dr. Chim today.