Cosmetic Surgery for Athletes

Cosmetic Surgery for Athletes

Athletes have always been defined by their performances at sport. Since the dawn of time, we have all looked at them with wonder and respect for their individual and collective sporting acheivements. Over the last 75 years, society has expanded the role of the athlete, and we now recognize and celebrate the natural, human beauty of athletes at all levels. We at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery have been privileged to work with top athletes from both the United States and abroad regarding a host of athlete-specific concerns. Our practice routinely manages all forms of Cosmetic Surgery for Athletes. For initial breast implant patients, our proprietary fascia-sparing technique for breast augmentation produces a remarkably natural result while maintaining muscle strength and function. For our male patients, we commonly manage and treat the side-effects of high androgenic states. We routinely treat gynecomastia in all levels of athletes, both from the United States and abroad. By combining a limited incision with power assist liposculpture, our center can maximize gland removal with minimal scarring, and zero loss of muscle function. We also comprehensively manage athelete-associated acne. As hormonal levels naturally increase, your largest body organ can unfortunately show these effects as acne. This can happen in both men and women, and commonly involves the face, upper back, upper chest, and lower back. Treatment is noninvasive, multimodal, painless, and comprehensive.

Athletes and Fitness Models

Ahletes, bodybuilders, bikini and fitness competitors seek Dr. Durkin’s proprietary cosmetic surgery techniques.

Most athletes concentrate their efforts on controlling muscle mass and overall body fat, but they commonly overlook maintaining their largest organ: the skin. Through use of our Reveal Camera®, and skin profiling, we can create custom tailored plans to maintain maximal skin appearance and elasticity even through the rigors of cutting cycles. Treatments typically include some form of exfoliation, moisturization, retinols or tretinoin, microneedling, PRP, of cosmetic grade skin care. Our goal is to maintain skin performance with the least amount of therapy.

Our practice has had a rich history in dealing with athlete-performers at all levels of competition and success. Dr. Durkin has individually lectured and promoted his individual technique internationally regarding the use of Belladerm®, a biologic mesh, as an internal bra for improved, long-term support of silicone (aka gummy bear) breast implants. This specific technique works very well with women in the fitness industry seeking the best possible results in breast augmentation. We have one of the world’s largest experiences with Belladerm®, and proudly offer it to all primary and revisional breast augmentation patients.

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we uniquely recognize the specific benefits that athletes provide the plastic surgeon as compared to non-athlete clients. Our practice has developed a minimally traumatic, comprehensive approaches to breast augmentation surgery (primary and revisional), gynecomastia surgery, skin care for athletes, and acne. Our state of the art medical spa has a dedicated licensed massage therapist with multiple approaches for muscle recovery and relaxation. Our hydrotherapy spa is specifically suited for muscle relaxation, and is recommended for athletes of all levels shapes, and sizes.

To conclude, we hope you will let us show you in person how our practice can cater to specific plastic surgery needs within the world of athletics. From fitness models, Crossfit® competitors, bodybuilders, mid-level athletes, to weekend warriors, our experience with Cosmetic Surgery for Athletes, we believe, is unequaled in the United States. We proudly provide services to this hard working, disciplined segment of our society, and hope to show you why our private, beachside surgery center offers the best possible setting for achieving your plastic surgery goals.

Plastic Surgery Services for Athletes

  • Breast Implants for Athletes

    A breast augmentation customized for fitness competitors, athletes, & bodybuilders.

  • Breast Revisions in Athletes

    Revisions for athletes, fitness competitors, & bodybuilders.

  • Gynecomastia in Atheletes

    Options for athletes and bodybuilders with gynecomastia.

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