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Ideal Breast Implants
In Vero Beach, FL

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Get All of the Best Qualities of Both Silicone and Saline—And the Downsides of Neither!

Until now, women seeking breast augmentation had two basic choices when it came to implants—saline or silicone. Each has particular advantages. Both have distinct downsides.

Now, thanks to Ideal Implants Vero Beach patients can have it all!

Vero Beach Ideal Breast Implants

What are Ideal Implants?

Ideal Implants are an innovative concept and product that combines the aesthetic advantages of silicone implants with the safety of saline implants. You no longer have to choose between the beauty and natural feel of silicone and the security of saline.

What are the benefits of Ideal Implants?

Ideal Implants were invented by cosmetic plastic surgeons who are committed to their patients’ satisfaction and safety. They listened to women and then designed a product that addressed both their desires and their concerns.

Ideal Implants:

  • Are the most natural-looking and feeling implants available
  • Are several times less likely to rupture or leak than are silicone implants
  • Are less likely to cause capsular contracture than are silicone implants

Ten years of research data clearly confirm these results.

And consider this: In the very unlikely event that an Ideal Implant ruptures or leaks, you will be able to detect it yourself, without the need for an MRI or other examinations. Any rupture will be immediately noticeable to you. Since the implants are filled with saline, your body will harmlessly absorb any fluid released in a leak or rupture.

The key is the technology. Ideal Implants are constructed with a series of shells and baffles that carefully regulate the flow of saline. By providing a stronger edge to the implant, Ideal Implants greatly reduce unnatural bouncing, sloshing, and rippling. This unique shell surrounding the saline fillers held in two separate chambers provide an implant that is superior in every way to either saline or silicone alone.

The Ideal Implant also contours to your chest wall more smoothly than any previous implant.

What’s the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants?

Augmentation is the generic name for any procedure that will enlarge your breasts. Implants are the devices used to achieve that goal.

Ideal Implants can:

  • Increase breast fullness and projection
  • Improve the symmetry of your figure
  • Restore breast volume and perkiness following pregnancy
  • Be combined with other procedures, such as breast lift.

Are you a candidate for Ideal Implants?

The “ideal” candidate for Ideal Breast Implants is a patient who wants a natural look and feel without the need for silicone.

Vero Beach Ideal Implant candidates should be in good general health and a non-smoker, or at least able to cease smoking for a period before and after your surgery, as directed by your doctor.

The FDA requires that you be at least 18 years of age to receive saline-filled breast implants.


You may need to have some pre-surgical lab work done. You will also be directed to suspend use of any supplement or drug—such as aspirin—that might elevate bleeding levels.

Ideal Breast Implants Vero Beach

Ideal Implants Procedure

Your surgery generally will take between one and two hours and will be performed using general anesthesia.

Depending on your chosen goals and body type, your surgeon will make small incisions either under your breasts, around your nipples, or under your arms. Your implants will be surgically placed either behind your breast tissue or under your chest muscles.

Breast augmentation is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, but in some cases, your doctor may require an overnight hospital stay.


You’ll want to take it slow and easy for a few days and make sure you have some help around the house. Your incision sites will be sore, and you will have some temporary swelling. Your doctor will direct you to wear a surgical bra for several weeks and will provide you with a detailed recovery plan. It is vitally important to the success of your surgery that you follow those instructions diligently and precisely. Ensure that you keep all follow-up appointments to make sure you are healing properly.


You will notice changes in the size and shape of your breasts as soon as your post-surgical swelling resolves. But it may take weeks or months for you to realize the full benefits of your breast augmentation.

Schedule a Consultation for Ideal Implants Today

You CAN “Have it Both Ways”!

Under the direction of founder Dr. Alan Durkin, Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is Florida's premier aesthetic medical center. As Dr. Durkin puts it, "Our goal at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is always to provide you with the best possible outcome in the safest possible fashion with the least amount of surgery."

During your consultation for Ideal Implants Vero Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Durkin and his staff will thoroughly review your medical history to determine if breast augmentation surgery can safely provide you with the results you want. If you and he agree to proceed, he will carefully listen to you to select exactly the right implant style, size, and profile for you.

Bluntly, the success of your surgery will depend on the training, skill, experience, and commitment of your surgeon. Dr. Alan Durkin is one of America's most honored and respected board-certified plastic surgeons. If you're interested in Ideal Implants Vero Beach experts in breast enhancement are available to answer any questions or address any concerns during a consultation. Call (772) 234-3700 today to schedule.

Vero Beach Ideal Implants


Not as much as most patients say they anticipated. Over-the-counter drugs are usually enough to manage pain, but Dr. Durkin can prescribe additional medication as needed and appropriate.

Like any surgery, breast augmentation carries risks of infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, adverse anesthesia reactions, and allergic reactions to medications and materials.

Incisions produce scars. But Dr. Durkin is a maestro when it comes to making few and tiny incisions. He also places them in discrete locations that are practically invisible.

Data indicate that breast implants generally need to be replaced every ten years.

Yes, and to a much greater degree than either silicone or saline implants alone.

Most women report no problems. But some have described breastfeeding as “difficult” or “challenging.” Talk to your doctor if you plan to become pregnant.

Costs will depend on the extent of your surgery and the implants you select. Because breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, your medical insurance will not cover the costs.

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At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Dr. Alan Durkin and their team of providers deliver incredible results tailored to your needs in a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. Learn more about the Ocean Drive difference by scheduling your one-on-one diagnostic consultation with Dr. Durkin or Dr. Chim today.