Breast Implants for Athletes

Strong is the new version of sexy.

— Breast Implants for Athletes

Strong is the new version of sexy.  In the last decade, women athletes have clearly established themselves as a new paradigm of performance and beauty.  Fitness, athletic performance, and female beauty have galvanized into a new standard of attraction and beauty.  We at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery have openly embraced this new aesthetic, and we are proud to offer a personalized procedure for breast augmentation in female athletes of all levels.

What some surgeons don’t take into account is female athletes have different requirements for breast augmentation than non-athletes.  The implant chosen must be able to withstand greater force and pressure.  Support of the implant cavity/capsule is MISSION CRITICAL to success, as implant support is the only thing standing between an outstanding result, and implant malposition (armpit boob, bottoming out, etc.). Also, athletic women have less than average body fat, and tend to have on average less breast tissue for implant coverage.  As such, the best results will always be achieved with a submuscular implant position (below the muscle).  Lastly, there cannot be a significant alteration in muscle function following surgery.

Dr. Durkin at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and MedSpa has developed a proprietary method for submuscular breast augmentation in female athletes.  He has published on it, lectured on the procedure throughout the United States, South America, and Canada.  The technique can be done as a revisional procedure to correct previous breast augmentation, or it can be used on primary breast augmentation.  By combining the inherent strength of the subpectoral fascia with a biologic mesh, Dr. Durkin is able to create a permanent internal bra that maintains implant position regardless of age or activity.  The procedure can be done through a small 3.5 centimeter incision below the breast.  It is commonly combined with a new silicone implant class commonly referred to as ultracohesive implants for maximal effect and longevity.

In this video, IFBB professional Katherine Adamitis describes her experience with our technique.  This specific procedure combined use of a biologic mesh with an ultracohesive gel implant in the submuscular position to maximize outcome and maintain performance.

Dr. Alan Durkin, MD

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