Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Breast augmentation consultations are scheduled with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alan Durkin. During your consultation you will talk to Dr. Durkin about your desired breast shape and size. Choosing bigger breast implants is not always the best choice for obtaining your desired cosmetic breast augmentation outcome. Sometimes the shape of the breast implant is just as important as the size of the implant. You can obtain a large bust size and still maintain a natural look. Communication between the plastic surgeon and patient is a critical and often overlooked necessity to receiving the best possible breast augmentation outcome.

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on providing our patients an open environment that fosters questions and thoughtful discussions at anytime during your care. We don’t rush cosmetic surgery consultations and we don’t race people to the operating room.

Our approach to consultation is friendly, pressure-free, and information oriented. We share our knowledge and expertise with you through conversation, examination, virtual simulation, “implant tryouts”, and a comprehensive tour of our facility.

Our process for breast augmentation starts with a definitive discussion of your objectives. Dr. Durkin together with our Patient Care Coordinator consults with you in person. Bring any representative photographs of your desired result to your consultation. During this phase, Dr. Durkin discusses the critical topics of incision placement, implant placement above or below the muscle, type of implant used (shaped vs. round, saline vs. silicone), different implant profiles (high vs. ultrahigh vs. moderate), and different implant sizes. We have found that almost all of our patients seeking breast augmentation do have a personal “mind’s eye” picture of what they are looking for. Learning about your aesthetic goals is our priority.

Breast Augmentation Evaluation

Next, Dr. Durkin examines you. During this phase, Dr. Durkin talks about his surgical plan for achieving your desired result. During this time, Dr. Durkin takes measurements of your body and discusses breast shape with you. If you require a breast lift, then Dr. Durkin shows you why a lift is anatomically required, and a discusses different breast lift techniques with you. Dr. Durkin also discusses the overall contributions of posture, bone structure, and breast position to breast symmetry. Dr. Durkin strives in giving you a comprehensive analysis of your anatomy. He correlates your specific anatomy with the best possible breast implant available to achieve your desired goal.

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Augmentation

There is a great deal of misimformation regarding saline versus silicone breast implants. Many still are under the impression that silicone implants are unsafe, which is categorically false. Saline implants are supplied as an empty silicone shell with a fill valve. During surgery, the implant is placed into the breast pocket, and is then filled to the appropriate size based on preoperative evaluation and implant dimension. On the other hand, silicone implants come “pre filled”. Both types of implants have advantages and disadvantages. .

Advantages of Saline Implants

Advantage #1 – Smaller incision size. Since the implant is empty prior to your surgery, the incision can be less than 3cm in size, and any sized implant can placed through the same incision
Advantage #2 – Implant rupture detection. If a saline implant gets ruptured, you lose volume immediately, and over the course of hours to days, the diagnosis of a rupture becomes very evident. Removing the ruptured implant and replacing it is usually a simple operation.
Advantage #3 – Cost. This is the absolutely least important advantage. Breast augmentation is not an accessory. It is a lifestyle choice. If you are looking for the cheapest type, reconsider your reasons for having this done.

Disadvantages of Saline Implants

Disadvantage #1 – Rippling. Extremely common with saline implants. This is a design flaw in the implant, and absolutely nobody likes it. For athletic women, saline implants will always cause rippling.
Disadvantage #2 – Less natural feel. A saline implant is just that, an implant filled with saline solution. It will feel different than the feel of your breast. This is unavoidable.
Disadvantage #3 – Swimming. If you swim in cold water with a saline implant, the saline implant temperature balances with the water temperature, while your body remains warm. This can lead to a “turkey is done” effect, which can be socially awkward on the beach or at the pool

Advantage of Silicone Implants

Advantage #1 – Natural feel. No question about it. Silicone implants feel remarkably like the natural breast tissue. Because of this, we see 1-2 patients a week with saline implants requesting a change to silicone. Dr. Durkin has NEVER had anyone ask to go from silicone to saline because they like the “fake feel” better.
Advantage #2 – Safety. Silicone breast implants have been scrutinized like absolutely no other surgical device or prosthetic. The FDA recently completed a 10 year double-blinded clinical trial that clearly demonstrated the safety and efficacy of silicone implants. The cohesive gel implants (i.e., Gummi Bears) are safe.
Advantage #3 – Swimming. Silicone mimics the body tissue. You get less of the “turkey is done” effect.
Advantage #4 – MINIMAL RIPPLING. Almost never see or hear of it unless a very, very large implant is selected in a petite patient. Very common with saline.

Disadvantages of Silicone Implants

Disadvantage #1 – Rupture. If you have an implant rupture, your implant will not deflate. This is a good and a bad thing. With the new cohesive gel implants, the majority of ruptures are completely un-noticed and asymptomatic because the new implants have solid state silicone, not liquid. So, you can have a ruptured implant for years without any problems whatsoever. However, if you have concerns over rupture, you can only diagnose it with an MRI scan.
Disadvantage #2 – Incision size. Silicone implants come prefilled. Because of this, it is common to use a slightly larger incision to place the implant. As well, you cannot have this type of implant placed through the belly button.
Disadvantage #3 – Cost. Again, I shudder to mention this, because it is more of a difference than a disadvantage. A silicone implant is superior in quality, feel, and minimizes rippling. In the end, you are paying for a superior product.

How to Decide Which Implant is Right for You?

When evaluating breast implants, the choice of implant is a key driver of patient satisfaction. The key again is good preoperative communication. At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we meet with you more than once regarding breast implants in order to give and receive as much information as possible prior to surgery. The more everyone knows, the better everyone does.

3D Virutal Breast Simulator

Breast Implant Simulator
ILLUSIO, the only real time 3D augmented reality imaging system for cosmetic surgery, is now available at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach and Melbourne, Florida. Dr. Alan Durkin uses ILLUSIO to allow you to see yourself in a Virtual Mirror as he transforms your breasts showing you what they would look like with various size, profiles and breast implant options

Virtual Breast Augmentation Simulation

Our patients have always appreciated that we avoid taking personal photographs at the initial consultation. Because of our advanced visualizer technology, Illusio, we are able to show you a virtual reality, simulated breast implant result without taking a permanent photograph of you. This specific step is very unique to Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, as we are the first practice in the state of Florida to use this innovative, 3-D visualization technology for breast augmentation.

At this stage of your consultation, you wear a bandeau style top comfortably around your chest. While wearing a bandeau top, Dr. Durkin shows you a virtual 3-dimensional image of your potential breast augmentation result that moves in real-time with you. This unique approach to breast visualization allows you to literally see what different implants will look like on you individual frame. This is not a photograph, however, that you get to see. What you see is called “augmented reality” because the simulation moves exactly as you move, so that you can literally see different implant shapes and sizes, and how they move with your own individual frame and body. Different looks can be recorded, and stored for patient review at home, or with their loved ones.

Breast Implant Tryouts

During the next phase of your consultation, you get to try on any of the breast implant styles that interest you. Dr. Durkin and our Patient Care Coordinator assists you with on trying on different types of implants with different types of bras and different styles of clothing. At this stage, we finalize together the pathway to your ultimate goal from surgery.

Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting

A few words about fat grafting, or autologouos breast augmentation. We commonly employ fat grafting in facial cosmetic surgery, buttock augmentation, breast augmentation, and breast reconstruction. In regards to breast augmentation, fat grafting is most commonly used as an adjunct to implant placement rather than a primary augmentation approach. In other words, fat grafting is an outstanding add-on to breast implant augmentation, but it does not replace the need for an implant in women that want to increase their breast size more than 2-4 centimeters.   Having said that, many women present wanting a limited volume augmenation, and in that case, stand-alone fat grafting can be employed with outstanding results.

Ocean Drive® Tours

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our outcomes, our staff, and our facility. During your consultation, you get a comprehensive tour of our 10,000 square foot cosmetic facility. You get to see our state-of-the-art medical spa, our hydrotherapy room, our state-certified operating room, overnight suites, and non-surgical treatment rooms. Tours of our adjoining, private fitness and performance center are also available. Once all of your questions are answered, we provide you with a personalized, all encompassing price quote for your procedure.

We customize cosmetic breast augmentation consultations to fit your need, however most consultations last approximately 1 hour. We offer complimentary, cost-free consultations at our primary office in Vero Beach, A Pampered Life (after hours, and by appointment), and at Millefiori Medical Spa (Melbourne, FL).

Gummy Bear Implants

Watch as Dr. Durkin demonstrates how he inserts Allergan’s newest cohesive gel implant called the Inspira implant during a breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Durkin shows you how he uses a modern breast implant technique using the Keller Funnel to insert the gummy bear implant with a “no-touch” technique.

Breast Revision Surgery

Before Breast Revision Surgery
Whether you have already had a breast augmentation elsewhere and are unhappy with your outcome, having complications, or are ready for a cosmetic redo, Dr. Alan Durkin will help to restore your breasts to a youthful look. Dr. Durkin specializes in breast revision surgery. Click photo for more information.

Capsular Contractures

Capsular Contracture
Before breast revision. Patient came to Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery wanting to fix her breast augmentation that she received elsewhere. Dr. Alan Durkin performed breast revision surgery to correct her capsular contracture.

Breast Lift

Before Breast Lift
Breast lifts involve raising the breasts into a more youthful position. Breast lifts may be performed with or without the use of a breast implant and depends on your body type and desired outcome.

Breast Consultations

Breast Evaluation
Read about breast aesthetics and learn what factors Dr. Durkin considers when planning the type of breast surgery you will want to have to get your best outcome.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction is performed on woman who have suffered from trauma or have obtained a mastectomy associated with cancer. Breast reconstruction options are thoroughly discussed with Dr. Durkin.

Implant Approaches

Breast Augmentation Incisions
Dr. Alan Durkin, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, discusses different breast augmentation approaches to the placement of your breast implant.
Illusio, Virtual Breast Technology

ILLUSIO is the next generation in computer imaging in cosmetic plastic surgery for breast augmentation patients. Featuring the latest in 3D augmented reality technology, Illusio combines a fluid and lifelike 3D virtual image of a patient’s breasts with a live image of her face and body to transform an iPad or TV into a virtual mirror.

Breast Augmentation Photos

Before and After Photos