Brotox for Men

Brotox (BOTOX®) for Men

What is BOTOX?

Brotox is what’s referred to as BOTOX® treatments for men. BOTOX® cosmetic is the most common cosmetic treatment in the US for both men and women. Since its introduction, BOTOX® has revolutionized how people perceive and manage their aging faces. BOTOX® allows plastic surgeons to reduce wrinkles and brighten the appearance of your eyes with a safely and reliably and the procedure takes just minutes to perform. BOTOX® treatments have minimal downtime and the results are predictable and natural.

BOTOX® is derived from botulinum toxin type A. It is a neuromodulator that exerts its aesthetic affect by reducing facial muscle contraction. BOTOX® effectively removes animational rhytidis, or wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. BOTOX® is administered using a transdermal injection with a very small and minimally traumatic needle. Common injection sites for BOTOX® include the brows, forehead, periorbtal area and sometimes the lips and lower jawline. BOTOX® can also be used to reduce excess sweating in the armpits. This condition also known as hyperhidrosis can be temporarily “cured” via administration of BOTOX®. Typical results from BOTOX® last 2-3 months, and most patients will receive BOTOX® injections 2-4 times annually depending on their aeshtic preferences and metabolism, dose used, muscle strength, and how often you use your facial muscles (someone who squints more).

Brotox Treatments

BOTOX® is just as effective in men as it is in women. While the treatment areas in men are the same as women, how BOTOX® is administrated is markedly different in men than women. In men, the injection technique must be done in a way to prevent feminization of the masculine face (demasulinzation).

For women, the goal of BOTOX® therapy is twofold:

1. Removal of wrinkles throughout the face

2. Elevation of the brow resulting in a youthful eye.

Xeomin® vs Botox® for Men

Look More Awake

Men however, typically have different goals from their Brotox injections. In our experience, men wanting Brotox express a desire for wrinkle removal rather than wrinkle removal. Also, men often say that they want to look less tired look and desire to look more awake. They don’t want to appear more beautiful but more youthful, vital, and awake. They don’t want to look like their father at the same age but, they don’t want to look different. This is the critical aesthetic difference between obtaining an outstanding male versus female result from BOTOX® treatments.

How does this change the BOTOX® technique in men? The first major difference is the dosage. The use of a lower dosage helps prevent the “over BOTOX look” which can be suboptimal for men. The second major difference is in the distrubition. Men tend to have a heavier brow than females. As such, Dr. Durkin tends to inject a greater percentage of the BOTOX into the glabella and periorbital areas as comared to the forehead. This injection profile allows Dr. Durkin to elevate the brow in a natural fashion without creating that “shiny” look to the forehead. Once the brow is lifted, the remainder of the lwer dosing is distributed to the brow to create anatural and harmonious look, allowing for brow elevation and wrinkle reduction without creating a feminie look.

Before Botox

Botox for Men

Before Botox

Before Botox

After Botox

After-Botox for Men

After Botox

Botox for Men-After

Armpit Sweat Reduction

Another major application of Brotox is reduction of armpit sweat or treatment of hyperhidrosis. Men ask for this routinely especially those employed in white collar jobs. We recommend a min of 50 units in each armpit for maximum results. Botox injections in these areas can reduce the most prolific persperation for months following treatmemnt. Men, especially those in the public eye, have a very high degree of satisfaction Brotox because they say that it gives them greater confidence in the presence at both work and play.

Menu of Services for Men

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  • Face

    Defined cheeks and a strong jawline are acheivable with injectables are are short office visits.

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