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Facelift Surgery Consultations

Considering getting a facelift? Facial aging is a complex process that is influenced by many genetic and environmental factors.  Some of these factors include skin type, skin color, types of wrinkles, depth of wrinkles, skin tone, muscle atrophy, volume gain or loss, as well as others.  In essence, facial aging is not an event, but a continuum of events that progresses over time. Factors influence aging, but aging itself is a continual process of events. Both men and women consider facelifts and other facial cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical approaches towards facial rejuvenation at some point in their lives.

We empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, and together, we decide on the best nonsurgical or surgical pathway towards achieving your desired facial cosmetic outcome.”

This fundamental understanding is the foundation of our approach to patients.  To achieve the most natural results from a facelift or facial cosmetic surgery, we must accept and evaluate all factors of aging when individuals present to our office.  As well, we must address each of these factors and their impact on your appearance to achieve facial beauty and harmony.  This simple realization is the foundation of our process of excellence towards facelift, facial plastic surgery, and non-surgical approaches of facial aesthetics.

We Help You Make Informed Decisions

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, Dr. Alan Durkin, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, does not offer interventions or procedures, we offer you philosophy of care. Our philosophy is dependent on defining the strengths and weaknesses of your face and the strengths and weaknesses of the aging process. We discuss these observations openly and freely with you.  Our goal of every intervention is to maximize the strengths of your face and minimize its weaknesses. By evaluating these issues individually and as a whole we routinely achieve a superior, natural result regardless of treatment modality through a thoughtful multidisciplinary and personalized approach. We empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, and together, we decide on the best nonsurgical or surgical pathway towards your best facelift, plastic surgery procedure or non-surgical aesthetic result.

Thinking about a facelift?

Dr. Alan Durkin

Dr. Alan Durkin, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Alan Durkin is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Vero Beach, Florida.

Comprehensive Facial Evalution

Once you are familiarized with our facility, Dr. Alan Durkin will meet with you individually. This meeting, as he likes to refer to it, is “a gathering of friends”. The goal of the consultation above all else is to educate you regarding all of your options for care, and to understand why certain options will work, and certain ones will not work. He does not dictate what you will need. He works in conjunction with you to understand your goals and then achieve them in the least invasive, safest fashion.

“The goal of all medical, nonsurgical, and surgical facial therapy is to enhance the inherent strengths of your face, while minimizing its weaknesses.”

First, Dr. Durkin will determine the underlying strengths of your appearance. This is crucial to any intervention, as the goal of all medical, nonsurgical, and surgical facial therapy is to enhance the inherent strengths of your face, while minimizing its weaknesses. By practicing this belief, we consistently achieve exceptional, natural results. Dr. Durkin will review your skin analysis together with you, examine the volume of your face, determine the muscle functions and asymmetries of your face, evaluate the bony structure of your face, and assess the overall harmony of your facial features.

Once Dr. Durkin has a comprehensive understanding of your facial appearance, he will explain it to you, and then offer all of the different pathways for achieving your facial aesthetic goals. This is the proverbial “view from 30,000 feet” that all facial aesthetic patients receive at our facility at their initial consultation. Our willingness to both listen to our patients’ concerns, and to explain to our patients their options is one of our greatest strengths.

Skin & Collagen Assessments

Facial Analysis
We provide complete skin analysis and facial evaluation for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Complete Skin Analysis Prior to Your Facelift

Your facelift or plastic surgery consultation begins with your skin. Individuals that present for facial evaluation will undergo a diagnostic skin evaluation with the Reveal Imager. Non-facelift patients interested in obtaining a skin analysis may do so by scheduling an appointment with our MedSpa. This state of the art device utilizes proprietary RBX technology, allowing us to image the different strata of your skin for areas of existing or future pigmentation and redness or hypervascularity. This noninvasive procedure yields information about decades of skin damage and exposure.

Obtain a Complete Skin Analysis prior to your Facial Cosmetic Surgery or Non-surgical procedure. Once we have structurally evaluated your skin, we take a comprehensive medical history of your skin. Factors such as dryness or oiliness, pore size, skin type and others are crucial to your appearance. Evaluation of these allows us to maximize both surgical and nonsurgical therapy to your individual skin type.

The goal of all medical, nonsurgical, and surgical facial therapy is to enhance the inherent strengths of your face, while minimizing its weaknesses.

- Dr. Alan Durkin

What is a Natural Outcome?

Our facial procedures, including surgical and nonsurgical, are all geared towards maintaining natural facial aesthetics, and maximizing harmony and balance with all interventions.   Dr. Durkin avoids at all costs that “pulled” appearance that can be seen following aggressive cosmetic facial surgery. Dr. Durkin specializes in using your own facial aesthetics to drive your best result. Our goal is not to change your appearance drastically. Instead, we want to identify and rejuvenate your own personal strengths, while minimizing any aesthetic weaknesses that may be present.

The pursuit of natural results in facial plastic surgery commonly involves multiple types of intervention. Instead of stretching the limits of specific technologies, Dr. Durkin and the team at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery have access to the finest, safest technologies available. These include the full array of neuromodulator therapy (BOTOX & XEOMIN), dermal filler therapy, fractional laser therapy, comprehensive skin care, laser hair removal, as well as others.

Before Facelift After Facelift

In photo left-above (before facelift) and right-above (after facelift), Dr. Durkin provided patient with a bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty with fat excision, bilateral lower lid blepharoplasty with septal reset, limited incision facelift with structural fat grafting to mid face and lower face. Images are copyright protected by Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

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