Hydrotherapy Waterfall from 5 Showerheads


In today’s hectic, stressful world, self-care is more than ever needed for becoming your best self.  Finding time for treatment is hard, and so there is a huge demand for non-invasive but effective treatments for fundamental relaxation, detoxification, and contemplation.  The forefront treatment for these goals is hydrotherapy in its true form. Hydrotherapy for wellness involves the use of “energized, targeted water” to renew and restore the body.  It transforms water into a truly tactile experience resulting in improved health and well-being.

Hydrotherapy uses external water as a treatment to interact with the energy based water in your own body.  As we are made of nearly 70% water, it is widely known that external fluid can interact with the fluid components of our bodies.  Like the moon controlling high and low tide, using water as a healing tool in targeted, anatomically appropriate fashion is an outstanding and well accepted modality for mood stabilization and improvement, physical recovery, athletic recovery, post-partum recovery, and management of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

How Does It Work?

Heated water will cause blood vessels to dilate, while cooler water causes surface blood vessels to constrict.  By alternating dilation with constriction at the musculoskeletal level, the Hydrotherapy massage will force the removal of cellular and muscle toxins.  Enhanced circulation helps long-term to strengthen immune response, reduce musculoskeletal inflammation, and improve an individual sense of well-being.

At Ocean Drive MedSpa, our proprietary hydrotherapy suite delivers six separate, targeted rain heads to the patient at variant temperatures and pressures.  The variances in timing, temperature, and pressure allow the body to elute and release toxins, relax in a fundamental fashion, and if lucky, journey inward.

There is a multitude of settings for the Hydrotherapy suite at Ocean Drive MedSpa.  Our most common protocol is “Recharge”.  With this treatment, energy water is delivered along the client’s body with alternating rain showers at different but targeted anatomic points.  Beginning at the shoulders and the soles of the feet simultaneously, and converging at the lumbar spine, an opulent, calming water massage is experienced while lying on your stomach.  You will feel equilibration, calm, and comfort.  Options exist for adding targeted minerals, salt detoxification, peptide-based renewal, and other additives to support skin health and wellness.  Combination therapy results in a more efficient circulatory system, improved toxin release, and muscle renewal.


Dr. Alan Durkin, MD

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