Laser Overview

Nothing shows off youth and vitality like outstanding skin.  At Ocean Drive®, we believe that skin quality is mission critical to all of our patients.  To offer the best in collagen induction and skin care, we have heavily invested in our offerings for skin.  From peptide-based skin care (Neocutis), to at home PRP, to platelet rich plasma, all of our providers from dermatology, plastic surgery, and medical aesthetics are constantly striving for the best quality skin in our patients.  Beyond advanced skin care, there are multiple interventions based on energy, cold, sound, and radiofrequency.  All of these modalities matter, but arguably the most effective method of direct skin rejuvenation is laser therapy.


The word laser is actually an acronym, standing for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  As such, laser is an amplified form of light that can be utilized in a multitude of settings.  The coherent nature of lasers are what separates laser energy from non-laser energy in a foundational fashion.  This coherence can be amplified and focused into a multitude of applications.  For cosmetic purposes, different lasers provide different effects.  At Ocean Drive®, we have invested in an entire spectrum of laser platforms to provide a multitude of results.  From minimally invasive LED lasers designed to prevent wrinkles, to full field ablative laser resurfacing that literally vaporizes the age off of your skin, we confidently provide the entire spectrum of laser based interventions at our institution.

Ocean Drive was the first adopter of erbium-YAG laser technology on the Treasure Coast.  We have the most extensive experience with laser skin resurfacing in our area, and we take immense pride in our laser therapy outcomes.  Our hope with these web pages is to introduce you to our different offerings as standalone interventions or combination therapy.  Laser therapies are commonly combined with injectable therapy, and surgical therapy.  One of our most common combinations is Ocean Drive Liquid Facelift® with HALO laser resurfacing.  Spa services, as well as dermatologic and plastic surgery procedures are commonly synergized with laser therapy.


The cornerstone of any aesthetic intervention is appropriate facial analysis and diagnosis.  Your skin journey begins with a complimentary Plastic Surgery or Dermatology evaluation.  We will evaluate your skin, and offer you multiple options for intervention or maintenance.  Procedures are always paired with appropriate skin products to maximize outcomes and minimize downtime.  Interventions are most commonly sold as a package, but the number of treatments will be individualized to your requests and schedule.


We proudly offer the following brands of laser:


    1. ProFractional
    2. Full Field Ablative
    3. HALO®
    4. BroadBand Light®



    1. 1440 nm



    1. A
    2. b



    1. Zaffiro
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