Lip Augmentations

Lip Augmentations (Lip Enhancements)

ExpertInjector®, Dr. Alan Durkin

Lip augmentations are one of our favorite procedures at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery because patients receiving lip enhancements achieve a more youthful look immediately. “The goal of lip augmentation is to respect the natural contours of the lip, and provide freedom from volume loss, and the wrinkles that surround the lips as time goes on”, says Dr. Alan Durkin, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and owner of OCEAN DRIVE® Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Florida. Dr. Durkin has a loyal patient following and is the go-to physician for lip enhancements. He has earned the title, ExpertInjector, for demonstrating extreme due diligence in regards to patient safety, reliable results, and consumer education.

Natural Looking Lip Enhancement

At OCEAN DRIVE® Plastic Surgery, we create or augment your natural lip anatomy, and produce full, plump lips that do not advertise they have been improved and so, your face remains natural-looking. We do not create human duck lips.  We do not provide “PVC” pipe lips.  We achieve natural, safe, and outstanding results through superior understanding of the native lip anatomy.

How to Get Fuller Lips

As we age, we unfortunately lose volume in our lips, and along what is known as the white roll. Dr. Alan Durkin further describes how the white roll is the border between the red part of our lip and the natural skin of the lip. In other words, the white roll is “Got Milk?”.

Next, we evaluate your natural lip lines, otherwise known as Cupid’s Bow.  We want your lips to keep or regain their natural lines, and then create fuller, vibrant volume to accentuate your natural lines.  By so doing, we create volumized, natural, and fuller lips.

With recent advances in filler technology, we are now able to undertake lip augmentations in a safe and predictable fashion without any need for sedation.  Most of our patients undergo these procedures within an hour, and return to their normal activities as soon as the procedure is over.  No scalpels, no incisions, no downtime.  No need to interrupt normal exercise.  We commonly use Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse for lip augmentations in our practice, and we individualize which filler to use based upon your examination and personal goals.  These procedures are done with numbing medicine only, and can be completed in mere minutes with minimal discomfort, and minimal bruising.


Fat Injections

For more permanent solutions, our most effective tool is structural fat grafting.  We recommend fat grafting for patients who wish to have long-term results, and who are willing to accept postoperative swelling for a few days post-procedure.  Fat grafting can last up to five to seven years, and offers a completely natural result that blends harmoniously with your native lip anatomy.  We recommend this procedure to be done with light sedation.  Swelling and bruising is common post-procedurally, but only lasts a few days.

Got milk?

Whiteroll on lips

As you age, you lose volume in your lips. Dr. Durkin will evaluate you for your lip’s “white roll”.

Cupid's Bow

Dr. Alan Durkin will evaluate your lips for the presence of cupid’s bow.

Before Lip Augmentation

Before: This patient has severe volume loss, as well as poor overall skin quality. Not only does she have those upper lip lines, but she also has significant volume loss to her upper and lower lips, as well as significant marionette lines laterally.

After Lip Augmentation

After: We addressed the volume loss with structural fat grafting, restoring normal volume and projection to the lateral lip elements, cupid’s bow’s peak, and the lower lip. Laser resurfacing was undertaken to improve overall skin quality and improve collagen.

Volbella for Lip Lines and Softer Looking Lips

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery many of our patients want to remove the lip lines but, they don’t necessarily want to change the shape of their lip. We love Volbella, one of the newest dermal fillers on the market for helping you to get rid of vertical lip lines. Volbella is a new dermal filler that joins the family of Juvederm products made by Allergan. Vobella, a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler, is a soft gel-type filler that markedly reduces or removes perioral lip lines without major alteration to lip anatomy. In other words, Dr. Durkin is able to reduce lip lines without plumping up your lips, or changing your lips significantly. If you want to improve your cupid’s bow, remove lip lines, or have softer looking lips without fear of getting over plumped or duck lips, then you may want to read our page on Volbella for lip lines, which goes into more detail about this great new product!

Before Volbella

Before Volbella injetable
Picture shows patient's lips before receiving Volbella injectable. Patient complained of vertical lip lines, especially around her cupid's bow. She wanted a smoother, softer looking lip without changing the shape or fullness of her lip. She desired having a more defined "cupid's bow".

After Volbella

After Volbella
After Volbella treatment. Patient received 2 tubes of Volbella injectable. Bothersome vertical lip lines around lips, especially near cupid's bow are softer and nearly absent after treatment.