Microneedling Rejuvapen


Microneedling is also known as “Fractional Collagen Induction Therapy”. Our Rejuvapen Micro-needling Skin Rejuvenation Therapy is a revolutionary skin procedure that creates healthier, younger looking skin. Precisely spaced micro-needles create invisible, vertical micro perforations into the epidermis and the top layer of the dermis. As a result, the skins natural repair mechanism starts producing collagen and elastin. Rejuvapen micro-needling treatments help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooths, lifts and tightens with little-to-no downtime.

$250 (Face only single treatment)

$950 (Face Prepaid Series of 4 treatments)

$350 (Face & Neck)

$1,300 (Face & Neck Prepaid Series of 4 treatments)