Mini Mommy Makeover

Mini Mommy Makeover

Mini Mommy Makeover in Vero Beach, FL

One of our most potent offerings here at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is the proverbial “Mommy Makeover”. Traditionally, this procedure has been designated as a combination breast augmentation/breast lift in combination with body contouring.  While this is the most common pairing for moms and their makeovers, we at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery think that Mom deserves to choose the type of makeover she desires.

Let’s face it, pregnancy is beyond tough.   Birth is tough.  Raising a child is tough, and teaching children how to be good adults is tough.  Thus, we believe that Mommy Makeovers encompasses more than just their breast and body.

Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery believe that Mommy Makeovers are a pathway for reclaiming your sense of self-image.  For many women, this means reversing the effects of pregnancy.  For others, it means the removal of cellulite, a reversal of facial aging, or skin improvements.

Regardless of what Mom needs, we proudly stand ready to meet your needs, and hopefully, exceed your expectations.  At Ocean Drive, our most common Mommy Makeover involves facial rejuvenation with or without surgery in combination with breast rejuvenation.  Our second most common Mommy Makeover is breast augmentation with lift in conjunction with tummy tuck and liposuction.

Third on the list is the tummy tuck with cellulite removal.  And for those younger mothers that fear visible scarring, we are happy to provide the Mini Mommy Makeover.  This procedure, showcased in our video, involves body contouring with power assist liposuction in combination with silicone breast augmentation.  The benefit of this approach is limited recovery time (2-3 days versus 2-4 weeks), minimal incisional scarring, and recovery of your pre-baby body.

Our mother’s strive and struggle to make us, their children, comfortable in their own skin.  They deserve the same.  We are privileged and proud to provide Mommy Makeovers at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.  As well, thank you Madison for sharing your experience.

Dr. Durkin

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