Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover, Exclusively Ocean Drive®

What makes our mommy makeover exclusive? Customization.

Our mommy makeover patients are provided with a variety of cosmetic solutions and advanced surgical skills that you won’t find elsewhere. Like the fact that we have the only FDA approved cellulite reduction technology. And the fact that we have the only skin resurfacing technology that’s been medically proven to alter the aging process at the molecular level. Combine these unique plastic surgery technologies together with an American Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon that has over 16 years of medical training and plastic surgery experience. And what you get is an ability to provide customized mommy makeover solutions that goes unmatched. Those are the facts.

That’s the exclusivity of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery®.

Every mom is different. So we believe that each mommy patient should be cared for differently. We don’t offer a standard tummy tuck, breast augmentation procedure and call it a “mommy makeover”. We customize your mommy makeover experience.  That means, individualized attention. Our mommy makeover patients have unique body types, unique pregnancy experiences, and unique problems that they want addressed.

Our OCEAN DRIVE® Mommy Makeover is one of our patients’ most beloved procedures. Our mommy makeover typically involves a tummy tuck with liposuction, as well as breast augmentation with a breast lift. The Ocean Drive Mommy Makeover® gives moms great results, but as with everything in life, not all Mom’s needs everything. So, we also offer our patients our OCEAN DRIVE® Mini-Makeover. Most of our Mommy Makeover patient take 2-3 weeks to recover whereas, with our Mini-Makeover, people are back to “normal” by day 5-7.

Mini Makeover

Our OCEAN DRIVE® Mini Makeover relies more on technique and finesse. Not all of our patients are candidates. It involves using state of the art power-assist liposuction and liposculpture, combined with a mini-tummy tuck and breast augmentation with an internal breast lift only. This type of approach is best suited for our mothers who are in good overall physical condition, but have stubborn areas of fat and skin around the saddlebag areas, and around the stomach below the belly button. A good example of a Mommy Makeover and a Mini Makeover is below.

Our patient underwent a full OCEAN DRIVE® Mommy Makeover, and was exceedingly happy with her result. She had what is called a High Tension Lateral Abdominoplasty with power assisted liposuction, periareolar breast lift with breast augmentation (saline, 550cc High Profile Under Muscle). Notice that the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) recreates the youthful, sexy contour of the belly button, and all three lines of the abdomen (midline, semilunar lines). As well, even in low cut undergarments, the incision is COMPLETELY HIDDEN. These are the keys to abdominoplasty. The musculature must be rejuvenated, the belly button must be rejuvenated, and the incision MUST be hidden. Skin only excisions do not produce these types of results.

Now, let’s look at the OCEAN DRIVE® Mini Makeover.

Our patient met with us for a cosmetic consultation and said that she was unhappy with both her breast contour, as well as her abdominal “paunch”. However, she did not require a full tummy tuck to achieve her results. Rather, a mini-abdominoplasty with wide rectus muscle plication, and comprehensive SmartLipo and power assisted liposuction, combined with an internal breast lift with breast augmentation (397cc silicone Midrange Profile, Under Muscle), she got just as good a result as our previous patient with only 5 days of recovery.

Notice how the internal lift technique markedly improved her nipple position without external scarring. As well, her abdominal incision is well hidden by even revealing undergarments. She has completely rejuvenated her breast and body with a minimum of down time, and no excess scarring whatsoever.