Plastic Surgery Day

Going to the Operating Room with Dr. Alan Durkin

Your Plastic Surgery Team

Your cosmetic plastic surgery will be performed here at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in our state-of-the-art surgical suite. Medical and surgical specialists using the most modern technologies and skilled surgical techniques will attend to you. Your operation and medical care is overseen by our qualified team of experts including a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Registered Nurses specialized in OR and Recovery Room patient care, Surgical Technicians, Anesthesia, and CNAs. We don’t use temp agencies, staffing agencies, or rotate through part-timers. Rather, we credential each healthcare professional ourselves and use the same team of professionals time and time again. We believe in providing consistent, predictable care. That’s the Ocean Drive way.

Arriving the Day of Your Plastic Surgery

When you arrive at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, you will be escorted to the surgical suite. You will be asked to change into a gown, tight fitting stockings, and foot covers. Dr. Alan Durkin and an anesthesiologist will meet with you in your private pre-op room before you enter the operating room. This is the time for final surgical planning and allows you additional time to ask any remaining questions that you may have. During this time we will also be doing basic preparation. You will remain comfortable, rest in our pre-op room, and you will have complete privacy.  All of our attention will be only on you. Our surgeon and surgical team will be focused on your care and your care only.

We will escort you into the operating room. Our entire surgical team will greet you. You will hear their familiar voices behind their masks and see the smile in their eyes. We will connect you to monitoring devices and you will be administered medicines that will make you drowsy.

Your Private Recovery Room

When your cosmetic surgery  procedure has been completed and your dressings are in place, you will be escorted to your private recovery room. You may not remember much but, will probably be in the recovery room when you awaken. Patients are usually awake and recovered from anesthesia in a matter of hours. Your recovery room is equipped just like one in a hospital. Unlike a hospital or public ambulatory surgery center, you will be in complete privacy and have 1-on-1 attention from your registered nurse. And, unlike post-operative care received at a hospital or outpatient surgery center, Dr. Durkin remains onsite at our private surgery center for approximately 2-4 hours after your surgery to provide continuous oversight of your post-operative care. That means you get personal attention from your surgeon. That’s individualized care.

Your Post Surgical Arrangements


For some of our surgery patients, Dr. Alan Durkin may assign a registered nurse (RN) to go home with you or he may have you spend the night in the comfort of one of our private overnight suites located within our surgery center. The nurse is there to care for you and will be with you throughout the night to check on your well being. If you are discharged to your home, you must arrange for someone to bring you to and drive you home from our surgery center. If you think you will need assistance with transportation, let us know at the time you schedule your surgery and we will assist in finding transportation for you.

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