Cellulite Removal with Qwo

As the “year of the rear” continues to unfold, we now have another player on the gluteal aesthetics scene:  Qwo. 

Qwo is a first in class, injectable therapy that permanently removes cellulite dimples from the gluteal skin.  And yes, that is not a typo, this treatment offers a permanent solution to skin dimples on the derriere’.  Practically speaking, Qwo Is essentially a permanent smoothing agent for gluteal skin, offering a solution without surgery for contour deformities seen along the skin. A cutting edge treatment without the cutting

Before Qwo
Cellulite Before Qwo
After Qwo
Cellulite After Qwo

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by three separate factors:


Thin dermis with depressions

The skin has three components – Epidermis (the skin you see), Dermis (the skin you don’t see), and the subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin you don’t see).  While the epidermis is the most visible, it is really the “paint job” of your skin, while the skin “engine” is the dermis.  It is the dermis that supports the epidermis.  When the dermis is thin, the epidermis and dermis can dent, or bow internally.  This is one of the causes of cellulite, but it can commonly be remedied with medical grade skin care, and/or collagen induction therapies.  Of all the components of cellulite, this is the smallest contributing factor, but it is important to understand and treat to get your best result.


Fat deposits along deep dermis

Occasionally, cellulite can look lumpy rather than dimply.  In this case, there are subcutaneous fat deposits that are superficially placed either within the dermis, or its too superficial, and it displaces the dermis upwards.  This too is a less common cause of cellulite, but it needs to be understood.  In this case, we tend to use a modality called Cellulaze, which uses a special form of laser liposuction to both remove the fat and tighten the dermis.  This is a very uncommon type of cellulite found on the gluteal skin


Septations superficial fascia

This is the most common form of cellulite found on gluteal skin.  In this instance, there are literally tethers from the deeper structures of the glutes called “septae”.  These bridges, or septations, create contour deformities and dimples throughout the skin.  This is the most common form of cellulite in women on the gluteal skin, encompassing over 98% of cases.

Anatomy of Cellulite
Cellulite grades
Cellulite greades breakdown

How Does it Work?

Qwo is based upon an enzyme called “collagenase”.  Collagenase is an enzyme that dissolves collagen, but collagen refers to a group of skin proteins, not a skin protein.  When women develop cellulite, it is due to the presence of septations, or columns of collagen fibers that tether the skin to deeper skin and muscle structures.  These septae, or tethers, create dimpling in the skin ,resulting in a nonuniform appearance to the skin.

Qwo is an injectable medication that permanently, yes permanently, dissolves the septations, allowing the skin to smooth and flatten out.  Qwo works by literally eating away the septae, allowing the skin to return to its ideal position.  The medication is delivered via injection into each are of depression/dimpling.

What should I expect from my treatment?

First off, the treatment is delivered via needle, BUT, it’s the smallest needle we have!  The procedure itself is equivalent in feeling to a botox treatment to the forehead.  Each area is injected with a super small needle.  The procedure takes about 5-10 minutes, and while the needle pinches, the medication itself is painless.

The medication, once injected, specifically targets the collagen in the septations, causing them to break down, allowing the skin to smooth out.  The effect on the collagen septation is permanent.

The treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the curve, elasticity, and contour of the buttocks.  Specific areas of dimpling are identified by using suspended lighting to illuminate contours and ridges within the skin.  Each specific area along the middle and lower contours of the buttock are marked.

One treatment can solve up to 12 specific dimples per side, so we mark and provide a comprehensive treatment throughout the gluteal skin.  The areas of greatest effect are the mid and lower buttocks.

Where does Qwo Treat? 

Qwo is FDA approved for long term resolution/treatment of small to medium skin contour deformities consistent with cellulite along the buttocks.  It is specifically tailored towards treatment of the glutes.


What are the Side Effects?

The most common side effect of Qwo is bruising.   Nealy 83% of patients in the FDA study showed low to moderate bruising.  Our experience at Ocean Drive® is similar to the FDA report.  Most women bruise after treatment, and while bruising can last up to 14 days, it is not typically swollen or painful.  More discoloration than pressure.  No downtime is needed following therapy, and patients can resume normal activity at 24 hours.


Who is the best candidate for Qwo?

This intervention is targeted towards women who have mild or moderate skin laxity, but contours and ridges consistent with cellulite.  The area for direct treatment is the buttock.  No other procedure or intervention directly treats this anatomic area as specifically as Qwo.  The effect of this intervention on the skin can be long lasting, or permanent.

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