Radiesse Cheek Lift

Radiesse for Cheek Lift in Men vs Women


Dr. Alan Durkin, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, discusses the use of Radiesse® for facial rejuvenation. The patient demonstration videos below also illustrate the importance of how injection technique is an important factor in achieving your desired outcomes. Many times patients only ask whether we offer a particular product but, the skill and techniques that are used to treat patients can be the difference between achieving a good outcome versus a great outcome.

Dr. Alan Durkin Talks about Radiesse

In this video, Dr. Durkin welcomes you to Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and introduces you to Radiesse, a popular dermal filler that when injected properly fills in wrinkles and provides moderate lift. There are may good dermal fillers on the market and all have similar indications for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Each product however, has a “sweet spot”, meaning that some work best for nasal labial folds, some work best for lifting the cheeks, and others work wonders around the lips. Some products work best for fine lines while others perform best on deeper wrinkles.

Once a dermal filler is selected, the filler must be injected in the right depth, volume, and positioning to achieve the desired lift and fullness.   Next, Dr. Durkin uses different injection techniques to achieve optimal results in a male and female patient. Dr. Durkin also explains why he chose Radiesse for these two patients, the use of needless cannulas, and his fanning technique.

Radiesse Video, Cheeks of Male Patient

In the video that follows, Dr. Durkin demonstrates Radiesse injection on a male patient. You will also see the advanced needless cannulas that Dr. Durkin uses when injecting Radiesse and other popular dermal fillers. By using needless cannulas, Dr. Durkin explains how he is able to minimize discomfort and bruising that is often accompanied by traditional injection methods.

Radiesse for Face

The video shown above is for educational purposes and provides some good information about Radiesse facial filler.

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