Radiesse Injections

What are Radiesse Injections?

About Ocean Drive Plastic SurgeryRadiesse injections are our most popular dermal filler procedure at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery. Radiesse® is produced and distributed by distributed by Merz Aesthetics. We are elite status providers of Radiessse injections.

Radiesse® is a calcium hydroxyapatite molecule that is designed to elevate, rejuvenate, and volumeize the aging face. Radiesse injections are a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. The procedure offers instaneous results that last approximately a year or longer in our patients. The procedure is safe, is associated with minimal discomfort, and provides natural rejuvenation to an aging face.

Radiesse® is the filler of choice for the midface for both men and women. Dr. Durkin also uses Radiesse injections in the brow areas and lateral temple areas of the forehead. It is very effective in the nasal labial folds and marionette lines of the lower chin. In these areas Radiesse offers a natural elevation and volumization to the face rejuvenation to the face. Note that Radiesse® is not used in the lower eyelids or the lip area. Results in these areas are variable and have a higher complication rate.

What to Expect During Treatment

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, all Radiesse injections are done by Dr. Alan Durkin, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. All of our patients are first evaluated by Dr. Durkin. You will have the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals and ask any questions about your treatment options. After you and Dr. Durkin agree to a course of treatment with Radiesse®, you will be numbed with our topical anesthetic cream for approximately 20 minutes. Then, we cleanse your face comprehensively with a Clarisonic brush to remove the numbing cream and to gently exfoliate your skin. You are then injected with Radiesse® in each area of your face where rejuvenation is desired.

To minimize discomfort and reduce bruising and swelling, Dr. Durkin uses needle free cannulas at each injection site. During the injections, you may feel slight pressure and some mild discomfort as the product is slowly and gently injected. The pressure and discomfort are temporary and are alleviated once injection is complete. A combination of massage and cold therapy is used to maximize your comfort and minimize swelling. Results are instantaneous. Your privacy, safety and outcomes are equal priorites that we are unwilling to compromise.

Before and After Radiesse Treatment

The photo below, demonstrates the effect of Radiesse injections. In this example, 3cc of Radiesse was injected using a fanning technique to the cheek area. Note how it simulatenously improves the cheek and the nasal labial folds through a single injection site. Click on photo to enlarge.

Watch Patients Get Radiesse Treatements

Watch Dr. Durkin demonstrate Radiesse treatments in these patient videos.

How Radiesse® Works

The hydroxyapatite molecule has a high degree of cohesion. This degree of cohesion, also referred to as G1 prime, gives Radiesse the unique ability to naturally elevate facial tissues using a non-surgically.

Why We Like Radiesse Injections

The product itself offers unparalleled lift without crossing the natural anatomic boundries of the human face. Our patients see instantaneous results that are long-lasting and very natural. The procedure itself is easily tolerated and is provided in a spa like setting by Dr. Durkin. Another unique quality is that it’s equally effective in men as it is in women. In fact, Radiesse® is our most popular filler fin our male patients. Because of the molecules coehseive nature, it provides a natural augmentation and rejuvenation to the male face. It does not over fill the male face to gain rejuvenation. So, Radiesse® works beautifully in both men and women desiring nonsurgical facial rejuvenation with natural looking outcomes.

Radiesse® Introduction

Radiesse® Animation

Cheek Lift in Female

Cheek Lift in Male