Ultherapy Skin Tightening


Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery proudly offers Ultherapy. Ultherapy distributes highly focused ultrasound energy into different skin depths that results in skin rejuvenation. Ultherapy improves skin by heating the deeper layers of your skin, allowing for new collagen production.   By directing energy into separate skin layers with a single treatment, Ultherapy is capable of improving collagen production with a single treatment.

In general, Ultherapy treatments take about an hour but, may require more or less time depending on the size and complexity of the area being treated.  The procedure is completely noninvasive, allowing for a gradual increase in skin collagen over time. This collagen has the effect of lifting and tightening your skin, improving your skin’s appearance, and reducing the effects of facial aging. This treatment is revolutionary because its noninvasive, while delivering a similar outcome seen with some other laser therapy procedures.

Ultherapy is approved for use in the human brow and forehead, face, neck, and décolletage. It is not FDA approved for use in the abdomen or flanks, but it is used routinely in these areas as an off-label use.
Ultherapy Lifts and Tightens

Ultherapy at Ocean Drive MedSpa

The decision to proceed with Ultherapy should always be made with the appropriate information. As such, all potential Ultherapy patients may meet with both Dr. Durkin, and one of our Medical Aestheticians prior to treatment. Ultherapy consultations are complimentary. During your consultation, we create your treatment plan. You will have the opportunity to discuss your desired outcomes and to ask questions. Once the treatment plan is made, all arrangements are made at your discretion based on your schedule. Treatments can last 1-2 hours, and as we like to pamper, expect to spend some extra time with us at your treatment.

Comfort with Amplify and DeepSea® Ultrasound

Once we define the best possible approach for you, our goal is to deliver the finest possible result with the least amount of discomfort. Our Ultherapy platform is equipped with both the Amplify Software Package, and the new DeepSea® ultrasound visualization capability. These two new advances in Ultherapy allow us to get you the best possible treatment with the least amount of discomfort. However, everyone has different sensitivities to pain. Some people have high thresholds for pain tolerance while others wince at the mere thought of any pain. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment. So, some of our patients prefer to have some form of pain control during Ultherapy. Our most common combination is Ativan with Vicodin/Oxycodone, or Valium with Vicodin/Oxycodone. Therapy itself is readily tolerated with appropriate oral pain control. Results begin to evolve at 30 days, with improvements often being seen for over 3-4 years.
Nonsurgical Facelift

Ultherapy Treatment Areas

Once our treatment and comfort plans are in place, Ultherapy is delivered in an indulgent spa setting at our beachside office. The treatment itself can be directed to any area on the body with loose, or underperforming skin. The most common areas treated are the brow/forehead, midface, lower face and neck, and décolletage. Clinical studies have shown over an 86% satisfaction rate with Ultherapy for brow elevation, with the treatment generating nearly 2 millimeters of brow lift without any surgery or downtime. We believe that Ultherapy offers a distinct advantage over surgery to patients with mild or moderate brow ptosis (low or hanging brow).   While surgery is still needed for advanced cases of ptosis, Ultherapy is able to produce excellent nonsurgical results in patients with mild to moderate brow heaviness without any surface skin damage or downtime.

All About Ultherapy

Ultherapy for Midface and Lowerface

Ultherapy is also highly effective in the midface and lower face areas. It offers a soft elevation of sagging tissue, improved Type I collagen for 4-12 months after treatment, and elevates tissue as time progresses. While skin tightening is always an important component of aesthetics, it does not replace the importance of overall facial structure. Patients will commonly experience improvements in the midface and lower 1/3 of the face with Ultherapy, but it will not improve descent of deeper facial structures. As such, Ultherapy is not a replacement for surgical facelift. Rather, it is designed to be used in an earlier patient setting, offering less effect than surgery, but maintaining overall structure before it declines over time. Because of this, Ultherapy is commonly used in the 30-55 year old range, as in this range, it can provide transformative results.

Ultherapy for Neck

Ultherapy is our primary neck maintenance treatment of choice for patients who have undergone facelift or necklift procedures. By maintaining collagen production in our post facelift patients, we can maintain our surgical results even longer through the use of this technology.

Ultherapy for Decolletage

The other main area of impact Ultherapy has on our patients is the décolletage. Sunlovers rejoice!! Ultherapy has been shown to markedly reduce the appearance of those wavy line that develop in the chest area . While laser therapy has been used in the past effectively for this, it requires four to seven treatments, and requires downtime due to the surface effects of the energy. With Ultherapy, patients can be treated only once or twice without any significant downtime, and still get the same result!! This offers us another quantum leap forward in nonsurgical aesthetics, and we are proud to be the only board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to offer this treatment in Indian River County.

Ultherapy with Cryotherapy

During therapy, patients are also treated with complimentary cryotherapy. As the treatment is delivered, patients are pampered and comforted with our Zimmer chiller, which blows ultracool air throughout the treatment zone. Also, patients may be lightly massaged with our cold roller during the procedure. Care is taken to provide the best, most comfortable experience possible.

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