Volbella, Smooth Away Lip Lines for Softer Lips

Volbella, Smooth Lip Lines

Allergan® facial aesthetics recently released a new addition to their catalog of dermal fillers called, Vobella. Volbella was specifically designed to minimize and remove vertical lip lines in the upper and lower lip. These bothersome wrinkles, often referred to as “smokers lines” are one of the most common reasons people visit us for filler and laser therapy. These lip lines are universally troublesome to men and women alike as they represent a “giveaway” sign of aging.

Get Rid of “Smoker’s Lines”

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery we find that many of our patients want to remove the lip lines but, they don’t necessarily want to change how their lips look. Volbella, a hyaluronic acid based filler, is a soft gel-type filler that markedly reduces or removes perioral lip lines without major alteration to lip anatomy. In other words, Dr. Durkin is able to reduce lip lines without plumping up your lips, or changing your lips significantly.

Get Soft Pouty Lips

The effect of Volbella is truly unique as compared to other fillers, in that it reduces lip lines while simultaneously creating soft, natural, and pouty look to your lips without adding significant volume and risking overfilling your lips. So, its’ unique cohesive characteristics allows the filler to seamlessly integrate into the lip and perioral anatomy. Specifically, Dr. Durkin injects it into the vermillion border, where the red-colored lip meets the skin-colored lip. Volbella is designed to work at this specific location (the Vermillion and White Roll of the Lip). It serves to define the natural curves of the lip, and reduce and remove lip lines. For lip augmentation, Volbella offers a difference between good and great. By layering Volbella with Juvederm XC Ultra, the best in natural appearing, nonsurgical lip augmentation is routinely provided by Dr. Durkin at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

Smoother Lips in Minutes

Volbella is FDA approved for the treatment of perioral lip lines in the United States. It is delivered via injection into the upper and lower lips. The procedure itself takes just minutes to complete and results are immediate. Injections at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery are always done by Dr. Durkin himself. Dr. Durkin is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Most patients require one to two tubes for optimal results.


It's like lip gloss for your lips but, without the shine.

Penny Forsten

Dr. Durkin’s Layering Technique

Volbella can be combined with Juvederm XC Ultra to enhance formal lip augmentation as well. In this situation, Dr. Durkin uses a technique where he layers Volbella superficial to Juvederm, accentuating cupids bows peak and the vermillion border of the upper and lower lip. The vermillion border is where the red lip meets the white lip. Volbella is deisgned to work at this specific location, and by offering definition to the vermillion border, the natural beauty of the upper and lower lips can be displayed and acceuntuated. Ms. Penny Forsten, our MedSpa Director, likens it to lip gloss for your lips without the shine.

Volbella Pricing

At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery we can not keep Volbella on the shelf! Not only is the procedure itself well tolerated but some of our patients are seeing results that last approximately 1 year.   Beyond its unique aesthetic and durable results, the best thing about Volbella is it’s price. Patients never need more than 2 tubes per session. Essentially, most people can reduce or remove their lip lines for approximately $800/year. For this reason, Volbella is the most cost effective filler in our practice. Volbella delivers greater satisfaction at a lower price-point than any other commercial lip filler available at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery. We strongly recommend this product, as our patient satisfaction with its performance is second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Volbella Hurt?

All patients receive complimentary numbing cream, cryotherapy, and nerve blocks upon request.   The procedure itself is not painless, but it lasts mere minutes, and is very well tolerated.

How long does Volbella last?

Allergan® states that it has been shown to last as long as 14 months in company-sponsored trials. Our patients report the product lasts approximately 10-12 months and results vary between patients.

Is it Safe?

Completely. Volbella® is a hyaluronic-acid filler that is FDA approved for aesthetic use in the human face. It has been extensively studied, and is safe for use.

Is it Reversible? Can it be removed?

Yes, Volbella® products can be enzymatically reversed with an enzyme called Vitrase® (aka hyaluronidase). Having said that, Dr. Durkin has never had to reverse a Volbella® injection.

Does Volbella change lip function?

No. There is no functional change to your lips following Vobella® injections.

Does it get “lumpy”?

It can, but lumpiness is far less common with Volbella® as compared to Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Restylane®. Volbella is a softer filler than its counterparts, and it eases and integrates into tissue without forming bumps or lumps.

Will I look like a duck afterwards?

No. Absolutely not. You may have some temporary swelling in your lips but, you will not have duck lips.

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