Infrared Light and HydroExfoliation

Our newest and most advanced addition to the spa is Zaffiro®. Zaffiro® was a technology/technique developed in France over 15 years ago. In the European theater, Zaffiro is a mainstay of nonsurgical skin tightening. Zaffiro combines the the power of water exfoliation and thermal energy for skin tightening and enhancing the skin’s appearance and texture. The two modalities are used simultaneously to maximize results and minimize heat and discomfort.

Ocean Drive is proud to join Beverly Hills and South Beach, Miami as the only areas that offer Zaffiro in the United States. This revolutionary treatment will help tighten skin and help prevent strong, vibrant skin from losing its quality. The procedure itself is relaxing, enjoyable, and invigorating. It is not painful in nature. Results are seen immediately but are most dramatic in clients who undergo a series of treatments.

What does it treat?

Zaffiro in its truest sense treats the skin. All of it. It can be used anywhere that is not hair-bearing. The treatment is more of a stimulatory massage using the power of hydrotherapy and the energy of infra-red laser. By combining the two modalities, Zaffiro® is unique in its ability to treat all types of skin with the exception of hair-bearing skin. While Zaffiro® will not cause hair loss, the infra-red laser component is very effective in tightening skin. Out of an abundance of caution, we at Ocean Drive will avoid using this device over hair-bearing skin areas (Scalp area primarily).

From a treatment perspective, Zaffiro can be used for either “prejuvenation” or rejuvenation. For our “prejuvenation” patients, this modality is liberally used throughout the body due to its very reasonable price point. The most common areas treated are the face and neck, buttocks, upper arms, upper thighs inner thighs, and the abdomen. These patients are best served by a slow cycle of treatments (one treatment every 2-3 months) rather than rejuvenation clients. In rejuvenation clients, we recommend a faster treatment cycle (one treatment every 4 weeks) until the treatment protocol ends.

For our rejuvenation patients, or for patients looking for more of a dramatic difference, the most common treatment areas are arms, hands, inner thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. These patients receive one treatment every four weeks as compared to maintenance therapy, which is treated every 10-12 weeks.

Read Zaffiro body treatments
This diagram shows the versatility of Zaffiro, and all of the areas it is designed to treat. It is highly effective in most “problem spots”, including the upper arms, medial thighs, and abdomen.

What is prejuvenation?

“Prejuvenation” is a growing concept in aesthetic plastic surgery. While the majority of our treatment interventions have been corrective, there is a growing desire for patient to receive preventative therapies. This trend has been evident for years in the injectable arena, the laser arena, and the skin care arena. While all of these treatment modalities resonate with different consumers, we at Ocean Drive believe that energy based therapies are best suited for maintenance of the skin as compared to injectable based maintenance. We feel that energy treatments are more effective in maintaining youth, and that injectable treatments are more effective in intervening and enhancing existing facial and body structure/anatomy.

The main issue with energy treatments versus injectable treatments has always been cost. Energy treatments traditionally are much more expensive than injectable therapies, but that has now changed with Zaffiro.

How does Zaffiro work?

Zaffiro induces a skin tightening effect through two separate modalities. The Hydrotherapy skin massage directly nourishes the epidermis, and stimulates toxin release and cell turnover in the deep dermis. Next, the near-infrared laser stimulates deep dermal cells and fibroblasts to increase and refine their production of youthful, vibrant Type I collagen. The net effect of this treatment is maintenance, or rejuvenation of smooth, beautiful, vibrant skin.

The treatment involves two separate hand pieces, one for hydration, and one for energy delivery (infrared laser). The hydration phase uses cooled, high pressure water applied in a massage fashion to the epidermis. This process is called “hydro-exfoliation”, which is using compressed, sterile water to remove devitalized collagen and skin cells, while nourishing and moisturizing full thickness skin. The next phase involves using a nonablative, near-infrared laser to penetrate through the external skin, and stimulate and tighten the deeper dermis.

Coparison of patient treatment with hydroexfoliation and thermolifting.
This image shows the Zaffiro experience. On the left, is the hydrofacial massage with exfoliation. It is followed by Thermolifting with a nonablative laser, shown on the right.
Diagram illustrating hydroexfoliation versus thermolifting energy.
This diagram shows the two separate interventions used in Zaffiro®. Hydroexfoliation serves to brighten the skin, improve collagen production and distribution, and remove devitalized skin components. Thermolifting directly invests nonablative energy into the skin, causing collagenesis, skin tightening, and improved skin tone and texture.
Read thermolift before and after
Caption: Before and after treatment with Zaffiro®. The vertical stalks represent Type I skin collagen. Note the increase in collagen after therapy, resulting in a flat, smooth, vibrant skin appearance.

Does it hurt?

No, Zaffiro is a highly enjoyable experience for the overwhelming majority of patients. For those who are still concerned for discomfort, we are happy to provide any level of pain control required. Patients will always have access to numbing services, ProNox for patient controlled anesthesia, and if indicated, prescription pain control provided by our Plastic Surgery or Dermatology providers.

One of the most enjoyable components of this treatment is the cooling crystal that fires simultaneously with the infrared laser during treatment. By combining a cooling element into the laser delivery handpiece, the device maintains a normal skin temperature, preventing that “hot feeling” most energy based therapies produce.

Illustrationging showing thermal energy penetrating skin layers.
This diagram shows the infrared laser component of Thermalift.
Diagram showing cooling energy penetrating layers of skin.
This diagram shows the cooling component of Thermalift. This feature maintains a soothing, comfortable temperature for the patient. It fires simultaneously with the laser feature.

How long is recovery?

Zaffiro® has zero downtime. None. The platform uses organic, sterilized water, and a nonablative laser. There is no scarring, no bruising. Clients typically report improved elasticity in their skin almost immediately, with a sense of tightening starting within days. Mild swelling can occur, but has always responded spontaneously. This procedure can easily be done during a workday, although female facial clients are advised to bring materials to reapply their makeup following therapy.

How much does it cost?

One of the best parts of Zaffiro is its affordability. Zaffiro treatments are capped at $500 per session. Full face and neck is $450, both arms are $500, both medial thighs $500, Abdomen is $500. Both hands are $350.

Results are best seen with a series of treatments. For patients looking for a maintenance plan for their face, arms, legs, and abdomen, combination treatment prices are available. We recommend treatment once every 2-3 months, depending on the quality of your skin. For patients looking to improve skin areas, we recommend one treatment every four weeks for three to five months (3-5 treatments total). Once your goal is reached, we recommend maintenance therapy twice a year to maintain your result.

Patients who want to treat multiple areas will receive volume-based pricing discounts dependent on which areas they wish to treat. Our goal is to make this as affordable as possible for patients wanting their best skin, so please let us know what your goals are.

Before and After Results

See before and after results of arms treated with Zaffiro.
Our most commonly requested solution for excess arm skin is Zaffiro®. While it does not provide the same results as a surgical arm lift(LINK), this treatment is scarless, very affordable, and painless. Results shown after five treatments with Zaffiro. Note the reduction in excess skin and fat, and the skin tightening in the upper arm region.
See Zaffiro before and after tummy treatment.
This 34 year old female wanted to tighten her abdomen and maintain her outstanding skin quality. We undertook a total of four Zaffiro treatments to her abdomen over 6 months. Results are shown 3 months after her final treatment. This modality will partially reduce subcutaneous fat, but is not appropriate for large volume fat reduction. Also, note the reduction in stretchmarks following treatment. While Zaffiro is not specifically for stretch marks, we commonly see improvement in their appearance after treatment.
Before and afger Zaffiro treatment of female face.
Our most popular use for Zaffiro® is prejuvenation. This 31 year old wanted to maintain her skin quality and improve her skin tone. She is a perfect candidate for Zaffiro®. Note the marked improvement in her skin tone and skin quality with just a dash of skin tightening to reduce the effects of time before they manifest.
Before and after Zaffiro treatment of knees.
Zaffiro® can successfully tighten the lax skin around the kneecap. Note the reduction in excess horizontal wrinkles above the kneecap. Results are shown after five treatments.
Before and after Zaffiro treatment of female face.
A 56 year old female who was new to the cosmetic arena. She wanted to start with a gradual change, and underwent five Zaffiro treatments to her face and neck. Results shown 1 year after treatment.
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